Wellness in the Workplace: Tips to Stay Sane When All Else Fails

Since going back to corporate America, I wanted to make mindfulness at work a priority. When I left corporate America in 2017, I made sleep my priority. And I didn’t want to return back to old habits 

And no matter how effectively you plan your day, life constantly throws curveballs especially in the workplace. It’s important to have a nice foundation and Plan B when things don’t go your way. With a good workplace wellness routine you can be better equipped to handle life’s crazy curveballs. 

Start Your Work Week on Sunday.

Every Sunday I have a basic ritual that takes about 30 minutes of calendar blocking. I use a Google Calendar and will block times around my work week to make sure I know what lies in the week ahead.  

This 30 minutes is simple. I will look at my week ahead and plan outfits, prep my meal days, plan gym schedule and pack my work bag with necessary elements. Meal prepping obviously requires it’s own planning and blog post, but I’ll utilize this 30 time slot to calendar block my meals. For example, if I have lunch meetings on Thursday and Friday – I know I’ll need to shop and prep lunches for Monday – Wednesday.

Plan Weekly Outfits. 

I’ve learned that if you can start your day with as little stress as possible the rest of your day will flow accordingly. Why start the day with the struggle of figuring out what to wear?! Ladies holler if you know what I’m talking about here.

When I was dating my ex, I realized he had it SOOO simple. He would take his shirts to the laundry each Friday and Monday would have a fresh set of shirts and slacks. He would just grab the first shirt and pants in the closet and make his way down until he need to dry clean again. 

So simple.

Ladies, we are a little more complicated, but we can streamline the process as well.  

I plan my work outfits on a Sunday and life is much easier each morning. I ABHOR mornings so I’ll do anything that will give me another 5 minutes of sleep each day. I will setup my outfits for the week and line them up in my closet – including proper under garments. Let’s be honest, the worst thing is planning your wardrobe only to realize you don’t have clean underwear.

I use my cute ladder to hang my outfit the night before and I’ll place the shoes there too. This way in the morning I just throw everything on. No thinking required. 

Daily Morning Routine. 

I recently wrote about an essential morning routine to stay happy during the day. I suggest implementing something similar to get yoru day going. I stick with this routine each morning and I’ve found that it keeps me motivated during the day. 

Work Bag Essentials. 

I recently got this chic weekender bag to use as my work bag. It rolls and has enough room for everything I need. 


Makeup Case

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