What’s the Deal with the “Are You a Brickellista?” Ads?

What’s the Deal with the “Are You a Brickellista?” Ads?

Thank you to all of you who have written me, text me, and frantically called me out of concern for the Brickellista name! I didn’t realize how impactful the brand was until billboards started popping up around town. I have the most loyal readers and am grateful that you are all a part of my tribe.

For those in Miami, you’ve seen the Brickellista name across billboards, trolleys, metro movers, and magazine ads. I let the cat out of the bag in December to my newsletter subscribers. For those of you that don’t subscribe (please do!) and let me fill you in.


A few years ago I trademarked the Brickellista name because I really liked the name and I am super business-y weird like that. Fast forward to February of 2016, and that decision totally paid off when an advertising agency reached out to me hoping to license the Brickellista  name for a campaign. SAY WHAT?!

As a licensed brand name, Brickellista has been the inspiration behind Florida East Coast Realty’s advertising campaign for the Panorama Tower. Neat-o right?! Panorama will change the Miami skyline towering at 83 stories as THE tallest East coast building outside of Manhattan. It’s a HUGE honor! This was an organic partnership and when I was approached for the campaign it felt like a seamless fit.



So why did I decide this building would be super cool to partner with? Well first, the Hollo family is passionate about building communities in Miami. When I met them during our first meeting, I felt like there were natural synergies in their company mission and Brickellista’s. The Hollo’s pioneered what Miami looks like today and they wanted to create a lifestyle in our city.

Second, the building looks friggin’ badass, and I kind of want to live there. Maybe they will give me and Zoey a penthouse unit when it’s built?! (Just putting it out there in case they’re reading!)

The amenities also drew me in. As a busy professional, I need things to be easy in my life. I really don’t want to stress about the day-to-day things like dog boarding for Zoey. Panorama will have a full service dog spa and boarding facility which will be super convenient when I become a global blogging superstar. Ha, but seriously I travel a ton and my fur baby is important to me.



Never in my WILDEST dreams did I think my little blog would grow with such momentum.  I certainly never thought I would see Brickellista splashed all over Miami. It’s an honor, and I’m humbled that an iconic real estate family gave me a call to license my name.

I look forward to seeing what’s next with Brickellista in 2017 and hope you will continue this adventure along with me. Because I always say, a girl is nada without her attractive entourage.





Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres

As one of Miami’s top bloggers, Evelyn Torres has become one of the leading voices in fitness, fashion, and Miami. Brickellista started as a Twitter alias in 2009 and has expanded to become a lifestyle blog capturing a Miami girl’s perspective. Evelyn is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, brand ambassador and on the pulse of the Miami social scene.

Today as founder and Managing Director of BrickellistaFiles.com, Evelyn is not only the face of BrickellistaFiles, but oversees the strategy and direction. She is the driving force behind the brand and has built the go-to site for everything Miami.

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