23 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

As this coronavirus situation wears on, staying at home more is becoming the new normal. Instead of thinking about things we can’t do, why not focus more on what we CAN do. Now is the perfect time focus on the one you love. In this time of waiting and uncertainty, we should definitely consider it a blessing to spend quarantine days with your loved ones. Plus, a time to get creative and do something different at home that you might not have tried in the past. Here are some tips for still making that date night happen. Some are romantic, some are just plain fun. But hopefully these stay at home date night ideas will get you out of your comfort zone and bonding with your significant other. Enjoy!

23 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Boozy Breakfast For Dinner

During all the quarantine craziness, sometimes you just need breakfast for dinner. There’s just something nostalgic about breakfast. Am I right? Make some eggs, mimosas, bacon, and whatever else you like for breakfast. If you’re feeling extra, whip up this challah French toast for dessert. It’s so yummy you’ll want this all the time.

Watch a Concert at Home

There have been tons of couch concerts hosted by individual artists and groups of artists. So pay attention to when they’re happening and set your date night! You can also watch concerts at home on YouTube. You can watch a live concert or look for an uploaded concert from the past. Make a signature cocktail for the event and pair with a yummy dish this way your concert feels super curated and elegant.

Do Some Crafts

If you’re into arts and crafts this can be fun! Apparently tie-dying during quarantine is all the rage, but you can also try making art for your home, like a custom family calendar, painted potted plants, or even painting in general. You can even buy beginner paint by numbers type canvases if you are a super beginner. Want to make this extra sexy? Paint each other nude a la Leo and Kate in Titanic – it will make for a romantic evening.

Strategically Plan Your Future

In quarantine a lot things get put in perspective. So take this time get strategic about your life together. You can talk about your plans for the future. For example, where you want to live, what kind of live you want, community, friends, family, schools, kids, etc. This is fun because you’ll have something to look forward to. But you can even plan the steps it would take to get there and realistically figure out how you and your partner are going to achieve your dream life. This will mean creating a budget and making sure finances are in check. It’s not THE sexiest evening together, but it will build a stronger bond.

Watch Home Videos

Bring out the old videos of when you were a kid, just met your boyfriend, or when you were newly married – if you’re married. Looking back at the early days of your relationship can bring up so many good feelings about your boyfriend or girlfriend. And it’s also fun to get the know them better through videos from their past. If you have kids, this is even more fun because kids love to know tidbits of the past. You can share memories and get to know each other and your family better. If you have older kids this is fun too because you can show them videos from when they were little.

Look at Old Photos

Nothing can be more nostalgic than browsing through old photos. Reminisce on the good old days of the past when everything was still on actual photo paper rather than Instagram. Same as in the videos, this can be fun and nostalgic. It’s also a great time to organize your photos. I love this photo organizer and use it quite often!

Create a Photo Book

Ask your partner or spouse to choose photos with you to create a photobook. Choose your favorite memories that you’ll keep and have in a book forever. It’s fun to look at the places and the events you’ve been to together and make it into something tangible like a photo book. A good bottle of wine has also been known to make for inspiring creativity!

Plan a Vacation/Trip

Because it is quarantine season, a trip to some beautiful place far away is next to impossible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dream, right? So now is the perfect time to plan your next trip with your significant other. So that when you can finally go, you’re ready. Plus, it give you something to look forward to. Maybe make some margaritas for this one, so you feel like you’re somewhere tropical.

Make a Travel List

Dreaming about traveling is honestly one of the only things getting me through it this days, LOL! So do this with your spouse. Now that you can’t travel, think of all the places you want to have on your travel bucket list so that when this is all over, YOU’RE READY.

Take a Personality Test Together

This is just funny and can be pretty interesting depending on what test you take. I personally recommend Myers-Briggs or Hexaco Personality Inventory. Personality tests are totally a thing these days. It’s a fun activity to do together not just because of the answers you get, but because of the questions. You can go through them together and have some dialogue about each question. Over wine, or course.

Play Would You Rather

A classic game which never gets old. Play with another couple over Zoom to get friends involved.

Walk and Talk

You’ll be limited to your neighborhood or community for this one. But sometimes just walking and talking can be enjoyable with someone you love. Hold hands, be cheesy. Stop and breath the fresh air outside in your neighborhood. It’s nice!

Have A Candlelight Dinner

With all the restaurants and other food establishments closed, getting romantic at home is your best bet. Order takeout and have a candlelight dinner or cook a meal together and make it romantic. Pop a bottle of champagne or make some fancy martinis. You can get really upscale with it and set the table too. Make it romantic; dress up, spritz on some True Pheromones, dim the lights, and put on your favorite music. Reawaken your love for one another.

Transform your home into the perfect romantic date night destination for Valentine’s day or any special date, you and your partner are celebrating. Make it extra special with a few decorations to show your sincere love and devotion. Fill the room with fresh flowers, festive lanterns, and plenty of candles to light up the evening, or go even further and create a surprise decor transformation with customized Valentine’s day blow-ups like a huge heart or banner featuring loving messages from you to your partner. Decorating will make the environment more pleasant and show your special someone just how much you care.

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Spa At Home

Recreate the soothing atmosphere of a spa in your living room with essential oils and a few glasses of wine. Then have a spa day together at home. See how to have your own DIY spa day at home HERE.

Play Board Games or Card Games

Turn off the mobile phones and get competitive in a fun way. Turn your date night into a game of monopoly, chess, or your favorite card game. I love Cards Against Humanity and the Naughty Version of it too!  Cribbage anyone?

Do a Puzzle

Haven’t you heard? Puzzles are all the rage in quarantine. They, along with Tiger King & Whipped Coffee have become staples in American households. If you want to just chill for your date night, grab a puzzle of about 200 to 300 pieces.

Have a Bonfire in Your Yard

This really depends on where you live. But for anyone that has community fire pits, a backyard fire pit, or you’re close enough to a beach thats still allowing this, it’s so much fun! Sit together by the bonfire making smores, drinking hot cocoa and smelling the fresh air.

Have a Dance Party by the Pool

You can totally get your music festival on at home. First, there have been plenty of DJ’s offering home sets. Second, you can totally create a playlist of your favorite songs. Get a good buzz and dance! Perhaps you can explore your Tik Tok talents if you’re into that sort of thing!

Watch a Movie

Have a movie night but up your game a bit. Get all the snacks, popcorn, & of course drinks. Set everything up in a cute movie night display. You can watch something new, binge watch a series, or even pick out your favorite movies from when you were kids up until now.

Make A New Recipe Together

Date nights are usually all about eating dinner together. But have you tried coming up with a new recipe together? Make cooking exploratory and have fun with it. You can try something new or put a twist on one of your favorite recipes. Just make sure you have backup frozen pizza in case things go south. I love being super impressive with this Tap 42 Recipe for Salmon Tostones.

Have a Picnic

Choose any available space around your house. It can be the balcony, the roof, your backyard, front yard, or the grass patch down the street.. Set up the picnic blanket with all the stuff you want like wine, a cheese board, little sandwiches, whatever you want. I personally recommend rosé! Check out my Stay at Home Picnic Ideas.

Bake Together

Create sweet treats together. Try baking complicated recipes. Successful or not, you still spent quality time with your SO on your stay at home date night. Need a little inspiration, swoon your sweetie with my sweet Red Velvet Cupcake recipe.

Design A Room

You might be cooped up for a long time together, so why not make your date night useful? Designing a room from top to bottom is a great way for you both to feel super investing in creating your space. You can create an inspiration board, find the furniture items you want, shop for paint or wallpaper, etc.

What are your ideal date night at home ideas?

Okay so what do you do for a fun or romantic date night with your significant other? Share your ideas below for me to add to my list!



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