5 Mistakes I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

5 Mistakes I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

This year I am doing something different on Thanksgiving. Instead of giving thanks for the things that are going well – I am giving a nod to the mistakes I’ve made throughout the years. Our mistakes always lead us to where we are today so let’s be grateful for all of our fuck-ups because without them life wouldn’t be as interesting.

Dating the Wrong Dudes

All of us at one point or another have been stuck in a dating rut. We may date a truly amazing guy, let them go, then date a slew of other dudes that are just wrong. These men may range from the asshole non-committal types to eager beavers jumping on any opportunity to get hitched. And no matter what dance we danced, these dudes were not right. Admittedly, if you date properly some of these guys can become great friends! They may introduce you to some awesome people and vice versa. So I am grateful for the wrong dudes because along the way I made some great friends and learned something deeper about myself…. and that’s priceless.

Quitting Tennis

Hand, eye, ball coordination eludes me, and for about a year I tried to become the next Serena Williams. I purchased a fancy racquet, took lessons, and purchased a wardrobe that was ready for the Sony Ericsson. Frankly, I suck at tennis and look terrible in a skort, so giving up on a hobby that is a waste of my time was worth it. I don’t like quitting things and especially hate defeat, but tennis just wasn’t my thing. I started blogging instead because I can blog without the liability of twisting an ankle. So to tennis and my other unsuccessful attempts at trying something new, I’m grateful. Because self discovery is really fun and now that my baby blog is growing, I’m happy I didn’t give up looking for a hobby that reflects my individuality.

Not Giving a Fuck

People always ask why I am so happy all the time. And it’s essentially because “I don’t give a fuck” about meaningless things. Life throws you curve balls and it’s important to only worry about the things you can control. The other things, why sweat them? The only fuck you should give is how to confidently move forward because we only have one life to live so why waste it on anything (or anyone) not worth a fuck. So, I am grateful I have only a few fucks to give! This gives me more time to focus on the people and things of value.


Sorry Drake, I know you ride with your Day One Friends but that’s like super lame. I have a large network of pals and part of that comes from #branchingout. Do I know who will be my Bridesmaids on my wedding day? Absolutely. Branching out doesn’t change who your true friends are – it just means you are enriching your life by connecting with others that share the same hobbies and passions. I’m grateful I’ve met so many awesome people throughout my various journeys. Some people I don’t keep in touch with as much as I should, but this only makes catching up more rewarding and special.

Moving to Miami

My readers in cold States probably wonder how I could ever think moving to Miami would be a mistake. But when I first received the news of a job transfer, I was far from thrilled. Miami just wasn’t for me and for the first year I felt like I made a huge mistake. Obviously my P.O.V has changed and I am now writing to you as a Miami blogger. Once I found my niche staying here was pretty easy plus as a young professional it’s the perfect time to live here because the Miami is growing. I find a new reason to fall in love with Miami everyday and I am grateful I moved to Miami.

So this year, when you are around your table with family and friends, think about all the good and the bad. All of your journeys have led to where you are today and that my friends is something to be truly grateful for on Thanksgiving Day.


Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres

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