5 Things to Do in Miami on a Rainy Weekend

Things to Do in Miami on a Rainy Weekend

Across the US, the weather is chilly and people are sporting their light sweaters and ankle booties. In Miami however, we are at the peak of monsoon season. This means weekends are usually flooded (see that I did there) with overcasts and unpredictable storms.

I am always looking for something fun to do, and means my ADD typically kicks in after 5 minutes of sitting still. So rainy days are always my personal challenge to find something fun to do – while keeping my hair dry.

Instead of staying home and binge eating everything in your fridge – here’s my list of the top 5 things to do in Miami on a rainy weekend.

5 Things to Do in Miami on a Rainy Weekend

Perez Art Museum

Nothing beats the rainy day blues than immersing yourself in culture.  An afternoon at the Perez Art Museum is a great way to stay out of the rain. There are great exhibits to explore and after the exploration grab lunch at Verde. Make sure you try their Verde Farro Bowl it’s super yummy and filling. You don’t need museum entry to dine at Verde so even if you hate art (we will never be friends) you can still dine waterside.

Rock Climbing

Even though we are way below sea level – the flooding on Miami Beach proves it – there is still an opportunity to seek new heights. Check out X-Treme Rock Climbing.

You can pack a lunch box and your North Face jacket and pretend you are climbing Mount Elbert in Colorado.

Bring friends along for the ultimate climbing experience. They also offer yoga classes – so after your climb you can zen back to your day.

Rage at a Concert

Miami isn’t known for its great music scene, but these past few years – there have been great bands coming through our hood. What better way to keep the momentum than by supporting their visit. So greet them with a warm welcome ala Bienvenidos a Miami!  You can check out the calendars for the Fillmore for their upcoming weekend shows.

While you’re at it – check out some of the underground concerts around Wynwood or jazz night at Lagniappe.

Get Fit and Hit the Spa

Spas like Exhale and the Standard make for an awesome local retreat. In one quick trip you can spend a few hours to make your body feel superb. Sign up for a workout class and follow with a massage or facial.

You can hang out at their facilities, use the steam rooms, drink a mimosa (or tea if you disapprove of my alcoholism) and feel oh-so-fine afterwards. It might be a pricier alternative for most, but it’s the most zen way to beat the rainy day blues!

Host a Dinner Party 

Don’t want to leave the house? Perfect invite friends over! The rainy season offers the best way to beat the rain without having to go out. Order sushi from Obba and tell your pals to pick up their favorite craft brews on the way over.

If you aren’t really into ordering in – tell your pals to bring a dish and make it a potluck. You can spend a day catching up with pals and it’s a quick fix to a rainy weekend.

Rainy days don’t have to be the end-all be-all of your weekend plans.

Feel free to add other ideas in the comments below!

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  1. Holly
    September 25, 2014 / 4:33 pm

    Snuggling with a movie on a rainy days rock! Can’t wait to visit Miami again. We will be there for a bachelorette in December. Do you have any suggestions for us gals that are looking to get wild?
    Kansas Kisses!

  2. Jessica M.
    September 25, 2014 / 10:09 am

    I haven’t been rock climbing yet but it looks fun. Movies are my typical rainy day activity.

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