A Fun Night Out with Friends in Miami

A Fun Night Out with Friends in Miami

I’m always on an epic quest for fun. While I love a good happy hour, I also like a night of bonding with friends sans alcohol. One of my besties is pregnant and I’m always cognizant of finding opportunities to get together so she can partake without having to deal with a bunch of tipsy animals. 

For a Friday night alternative, we decided to go to the PanIQ Escape Room in Wynwood. It was a rainy evening, and doing a fun activity indoors was a perfect way to hide from the rain. The PanIQ Room has 3 options: a Spy Mystery, Haunted Hospital, and Pirate themed room. 

A Fun Night Out With Friends at the PaniQ Room

PanIQ Escape Room in Miami Experience

Wanting to tap into my inner Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment, we went with the Spy Game. 

It was my first time doing a PanIQ Room of any kind, but luckily my friends have done this before, so I let them lead. The first part was difficult, and we were allotted 5 clues while playing the game. Once we got into the groove and figured out how to read the clues, we rocked the game. We solved the game in around 45 minutes. Spies Are Us! We are ready for the CIA. 

A Fun Night Out With Friends at the PaniQ Room

After the PanIQ Escape Room we went to dinner in Wynwood. It was a great night out without having to deal with a crowded bar. I wanted to share this fun evening with you because I’m often stuck on new things to do around town. I was excited to learn about the PanIQ Escape Room and loved that I could invite all of my friends to join. So this is even great if you have age-appropriate kids as well.

Check out the PanIQ Escape Room in Miami for your next night out! 

Do you have any cool ideas?  Share your favorite gems in the comments below.

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