Alas, Brickell City Centre Opens!

Brickellista at Brickell CIty Centre

Most of you know, I’m extremely tidy and some might say OCD – a badge I wear with pride! But last week, thanks to the opening of Brickell City Centre, it looked like a tornado zipped through mi apartmento. I freaked because couldn’t find my cute pump that I wanted to wear to the aforementioned opening. Similar to a lost sock after a wash, it was lost in the abyss where gnomes live in huts made of socks… and apparently my right shoe. A real travesty indeed. And I freaked the F out. Has that ever happened to you? You know, when you’re so busy random items are misplaced, and instead of focusing on work, you clean your ENTIRE apartment to find a shoe? Anyone? No?

Welp, that happened to me. And it was the perfect timing because with the opening of BCC came a little bit of shopping! Wee!

Before I start this post I’d like to honor my hard work and show you all my very tidy closet ::curtsies::


So what’s shakin’ at BCC? Saks 5th Avenue, Ted Baker, Cole Haan, and Pandora are open. In the following weeks, other spots, like Sean Donaldson, will open their doors to the public.  I was giddy with anticipation to check out the newest addition to the neighborhood. On Tuesday morning I joined my other media pals for an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Saks 5th Avenue Brickell location.

The 107,555 square foot Saks looks like where my dreams have been taking place for years! When I close my eyes I see the Brickell Saks… and Ryan Gosling on a bear rug. the latter is irrelevant but equally as heavenly.


An in-store open kitchen and marketplace, Casa Tua Cucina, is planned to open next spring. It’s heavenly. If they had beds in the store I’d probably make a sock home there.

And the best part was seeing my favorite Brozic!! She always brings a smile to my face!


While we toured I thought about the various places where I would build my new home. Similar to Goldilocks I kept looking for the perfect fit for my new lodging…

I decided the handbag collection room would totally keep me joyous year round.


But then we walked into the SHOE SALON….  I tried to make a home under the Jimmy Choos…  img_0093

But I realized I needed a sofa to greet my guests… Voila! Manifested from the heavens themselves… You will find me in the room with the teal couch. I vote Saks names this room the Brickellista lodge.

We continues our tour onto the men’s department. Complete with a bar. It’s so bro-tastic!


After our tour as Saks, we headed over to the opening for Brickell City Centre. We were immediately greeted with bubbles!!! You had me at hello.


The LEED certified centre is absolutely stunning and exactly what Brickell needed. The $1.05 billion project will create approximately 3,700 direct jobs after completion. Forget elections! We should just build malls.

The East Hotel catered with the most delicious spread of local delicacies. I’m still craving the ham & cheese croquettes! Yum.


They balanced the fried fare with mini lobster rolls, salmon mammies, and cucumber tea cakes. Big girl just ate empanadas.


The views from BCC are amazing.


At the end of our tour BCC gifted amazing carry ons!


On Wednesday night I invited the gang for the opening soiree. I threw on my new Haute Hippie leather jacket over my favorite Les Coquines body suit because I knew my hot dates would be ready to impress.


Donny and Jeremy are my best dressed bros.

We channeled our inner smise, which I learned that evening is when you smile with your eyes. Ashley and Angeles have this down, but I look like a poser.


Then there were parrots? And one of them thought I was angelic. Little does he know…img_0154-1

And moving blobs of sorts… I’m still confused.


In conclusion, (how 7th grade essay of me!) my media pals and I had the honor of touring the facilities. We nibbled on tasty treats, hung out with people dressed like parrots, and clinked glasses to toast the various store openings. Now my closet is a little more colorful and I’m a little more broke… feel free to donate to my kickstarter campaign: Feed the Brickellista. Just kidding, only not really… you can feed me anytime 😉

Xo, ~Ev

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