Beat The Heat! Tips and Tricks to Be Energy Efficient This Summer

Tips to Lower Your Power Bill

My dad is the master energy saver. He used to walk into rooms we walked out of and turn off the lights after us. Hot water running in the sink? Yep, he would turn that off too! Back then I thought it was funny, so I would leave the lights on just to grind his gears. But now that I pay my own electric bill… well… things are different.

Since electric bills tend to go up during summer months in Miami, I thought I’d share some of my (and my dad’s!) tips and tricks for energy efficiency.

So hopefully it saves you a little extra cash this summer!

Tips to Lower Your Power Bill

6 Tips & Tricks to Lower Your Power Bill

1. LED Lighting

I switched all of the light bulbs in my apartment to LED lights. I like the cool color of the lights and they last longer than regular bulbs. According to Florida Power & Light Company FPL, upgrading your lighting can save you 75 to 80 percent on lighting costs — with the same amount of light and each LED can save $85 in energy costs over the life of the bulb. Also neon signs are a great way to add a punch of energy efficient decor like these from Neon Mama.

2. A/C settings

One thing I do when I leave my apartment for the day is turn off the A/C. Zoey likes it warm while I’m at work (she’s little!) and I’m lucky that my apartment doesn’t get too hot in the summer. It’s up to you how you keep your furry friends cool, but FPL recommends setting your A/C to 78 degrees when home and 82 when you leave for energy savings.
Air conditioning your home can account for more than half of your energy bill during peak cooling months. And according to FPL, for every degree you turn UP your settings, you can save 5 percent on monthly cooling costs.

3. Keep your fridge full.

An empty fridge uses more energy. But why would we have an empty fridge anyways?! It should be filled with plenty of veggies, fruits, and coconut water!

4. Unplug phone chargers or use a power strip.

I so love this tip. I never realized that there is electricity being used when things are plugged into an outlet. In fact, now I unplug everything! I’m literally turning into my dad now.. it’s not a bad thing though.

5. A/C Filter.

Clean or replace your A/C filter regularly to help your unit run more efficiently.

6. Smart Thermostat.

I’m lucky that my apartment has one of these, but I know this isn’t a standard in most older buildings in Miami. According to FPL, installing a smart thermostat can save on average $50 a year on cooling costs. Most apartments in Brickell already have these installed, but it’s good to check with your landlord just in case.

Since I work from home, energy costs add to my overhead. So I’m now more cognizant of my usage and love to find ways to save on my power bill.  If you have tips and tricks to lower your power bill, please share on my latest Instagram or send me a DM!

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