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There is a phenomena in Miami where most habitants are doomed with a Summer flu. You walk into work and it seems like everyone is coughing and sneezing. Germs everywhere! Ack. Suddenly, it bombards you like a promoter on South Beach, and you can’t fathom leaving the house for any occasion. This my friends, is what I call the “Summer Cold.”

For those of you that follow me on SnapChat, you witnessed my perils and distress just a days before Swim Week. I was to join other bloggers on the runway for Splashion – the Miami Magazine kick-off to Swim Week.

Me. In a bikini. On Stage. Audience of 500. Eek! This summer bug could not have come at a worse time!

Luckily my friends at Cold Pressed Raw saved the day with a detox that helped kick the bug right out of my system. Since I am a big hungry girl, a straight juice cleanse was not gonna suffice. So Nathalia and Tatiana, founders of Cold Pressed Raw, suggested I try one of their food detoxes to keep my inner piggy satisfied.

The food was spectacular and after three days I was back on my feet with glowing skin and ready to hit the runway. So what did the cleanse consist of?

The menu was specifically designed for maximum absorption of nutrients and for easy digestion. Each morning I drank a glass of warm water with lemon. This helps jump start your system. I also drank plenty of water and herbal teas throughout the day to stay hydrated. So what EXACTLY did I eat? Here is the schedule the lovely gals at CPR created for me.

Day 1

Breakfast: herbal tea + the green cold pressed juice
Snack­ : mexi­ cayenne
Lunch: Shroom and coconut ceviche
Dessert­ 2: superfood truffles
Dinner­ : Zoodle noodles + 8 oz kombucha

Day 2

*Note I woke up feeling like a rock star after day one. I had so much energy!
Breakfast: Blind date smoothie + herbal tea
Snack: almond butter with fresh berries
Lunch­: Kale and Beet salad
Snack: 2 superfood truffles (so delish I could have 4!)
Dinner:­ Tabouleh salad
Dessert: green almond milk

Day 3

Breakfast: Raw Buckwheat + 8 oz kombucha
Snack: eye­ vee shot
Lunch:­ gazpacho+ quinoa salad this was probably my favorite meal the gazpacho was tasty!
Dessert­: almond milk shot
Snack­: gngr snap
Dinner:­ Quinoa Bowl

  Other tips for full benefits of detoxification ­

Nathalia suggests the following:
Get a massage to help drain toxins, fat and circulation
Exfoliate! Scrub away dead cells and reveal your healthy new skin
Continue eating healthy: more whole plant­based foods are better ­
Eat ORGANIC: yes, it really does make a difference. Organic produce has less pesticides and toxins

Nathalia and the CPR crew checked in on me daily to make sure I was: 1) alive and 2) enjoying the cleanse. Yes to both! I felt energized and never felt hungry. They are conveniently located blocks away from mi casa in Brickell so each morning I picked up my days worth of food which was nice to have everything freshly made especially for me.

Brickellista Swimweek
I survived the runway experienc and felt like a rock star! My friends were in the audience proudly taking videos of me strutting my stuff. It was certainly a once in a lifetime experience and luckily I was back on my feet in time to join the blogger babes on stage.

This detox was better than Dayquil!


Check out Cold Pressed Raw in Brickell:
165 SE 13th St
Miami, FL 33131

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