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As you all know I headed up north to our sister city NYC for Fashion Week. It was my first time checking out the shows and presentations and I was stoked!

In preparation for New York Fashion week I wanted to boost my energy naturally. If you haven’t participated in the chaos that is New York Fashion Week, then I’ll give you an idea of the madness. It’s a lot of running around a steamy city, in heels, trying to look fabulous, while street style photographers take random photos of you. It’s wild, it’s stressful, and I totally dig it.

To prepare for fashion week, I ramped up my health regimen to stay afloat with the madness. I also wanted something that would be easy to integrate to my daily routine.  Because as you all know it’s hard to stay on track if it disrupts your routine! One thing which is not only easy, but also tasty, is green tea.  I could drink gallons of this stuff and not feel jittery. Fashion week gives me enough jitters!

Green tea has also been proven to help improve brain function which in my case is necessary to cure writers block.  I’m not a doctor kids, but I will try anything that will help me stay in tip-top-shape and motivated for the day. And Tazo Zen™ Green Tea is my go-to when I need a little blogspiration. Porque? It’s blended with lemongrass and spearmint, so it’s a perfect way to sip joyfully when tackling a long day in front of the computer.


Juggling a full time job and blog requires a certain discipline, and I need everything I can get to stay motivated and on track. Incorporating Tazo tea was easy. I decided to start with four cups a day for three weeks leading up to fashion week. Since I started this new regimen I feel energized and ready to tackle my (lengthy) to do list…. in heels!

Since blogging keeps me on the go, I’ll take a few tea bags with me in my camera bag or handbag. It’s perfect for on the go inspiration especially for those impromptu Instagram moments in Brickell. Too caliente for you? I also love pouring Tazo Zen™ Green Tea over ice to combat a hot Miami day! It’s necessary to stay hydrated and cool in the hot humid climate and Zen is perfectly refreshing.

Tazo Tea - Brickellista FIles

If I want to change it up, I’ll pop a few bags of Passion® and Awake™ English Breakfast in my handbag.

Did I survive New York Fashion week? You betcha! I’m ready for the next escape… Paris Fashion Week here I come 😉

Check out the other delicious teas from Tazo Tea like Passion and Awake English Breakfast.

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Evelyn Torres

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