Deciphering 2016 to Prepare for 2017

Cheers to the New Year

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2016 was a rough year for many of us, including me. With the impending New Year ahead, I thought it would be fun to try something new an see if there is someone out there that could make sense of the difficulties of 2016.

Working with a psychic isn’t something I ever thought I would do but I thought it might be fun to give it a try! So the other night I decided to take advantage of an online offer for a discounted reading at What the heck right?!

I buckled down and prepared myself for what I thought would be an intimidating process. The skeptic in me was already thinking about all of the crazy things the other person on the line would say. But in true form I quieted my inner voice and told myself to be open minded!

When I first dialed I was surprised how sincere my reader, Steve Craig, was on the other end of the line. He has been a reader for 16 years on and has worked with a range of people. He explained that readers vary by personality and by the client need, and while he has experience in Astrology and Tarot cards he prefers to use spirituality as his main tool. He listens to the needs of the client and channels his varied background to help guide the client down a more balanced spiritual path. I didn’t feel intimidated or creeped out because he explained the process in depth.

To become a spiritual reader you have to experience spirituality on different levels and immersing yourself in different spiritual rhelms. When Steve was 6 or 7 years old he felt very spiritual and felt this was his life calling. Its a way of life. a good spiritual advisor connects with their client and is nonjudgmental.

We spoke candidly about my 2016 and Steve gave me natural advice. Almost like a friend would!

Readings for the Brickellista:

I wanted to learn how to create balance in 2017. With  a full time job, a blog that grows each day,  and a new relationship, I wanted to make sure I could juggle all aspects of my life without neglecting anything. Steve’s advice was almost too simplistic, but made total sense!

– To create balance pull your energy away from the areas (and people) that drain your energy


– Create a healthy living space for your life in order to relax, for example no computers or cell in the bedroom


– Set specific times to relax, like mark that time on a calendar


– Use buddhist meditation in order to be here now and learn to live in the moment. This is called  “mindfulness meditation”

1505361_10103642447038782_1214132378855480273_nSo what’s the deal in 2016:

According to Steve, in 2016 there’s a force in motion creating negative energy. The forces are energy tides that are constantly moving in the universe. The tides in 2016 were similar to the tides of 2007 and 2008 with more “difficult” energy.  These waves come every 7 years (an important number in the spiritual world) and they are creating a cleaning period. In other words, knocking down the old energy to make way for the new.  If 2016 were a Tarot card, it would be a lightning struck tower which symbolizes destroying the status quo. Yikes. That explains a lot!!!

The good news is that 2017 will be a more energetic year! And new waves will bring positive energy and will replace the gaps created by the purging of negative energy.

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