Designing an Accent Piece for My Apartment

BoConcept In Brickell City Centre

My most recent champagne problem is that I wanted to redesign my apartment. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the current design. I’m simply tired of the color scheme – it’s black and white like everything else in my life. It also feels bland especially for Miami where color dominates everything in the city. Faced with this current travesty, I decided to check out BoConcept in Brickell. Their showroom is full of colorful pieces that would be sure to add spice to my apartment. Walking into the store I knew I had found the perfect place for color…. clearly there are no limits in color at BoConcept!



I met with Alex, a designer at the BoConcept showroom, and we looked for pieces that would add texture and edge to my current design. Alex said I didn’t need to do a a whole makeover to revamp my space because adding a few simple pieces would be sure to freshen up my apartment. There were so many pieces in the showroom I wanted to take home so deciding on an item wasn’t easy! One of the pieces I took home from the showroom was a beautiful black and white sheepskin which adorns my couch perfectly. Stay tuned on Instagram for my big reveal!



My favorite part about BoConcept is that they have a design services team right here in Brickell. It’s convenient to pop over on a lunch break and look over inspiration ideas without leaving the neighborhood. My favorite part is that they’ll actually come to your home to help with the final design to make sure the piece you design is the perfect fit for your space.

After I shopped around, Alex and I talked about a few more ideas and sent me home with fabric swatches to consider. Alex would then meet at my apartment the following week to finalize our project.


BoConcept’s top notch interior design service is helpful especially if you are designing a custom piece.  You can check out a fun video featuring Mads Mikkelsen that highlight’s BoConcept’s interior design service on their home page The video is HILARIOUS and pretty much summed up my feeling about interior design prior to meeting Alex. Have I mentioned that Alex is my design angel? She was sent from the heavens above to snap me back to reality and make sure I didn’t go cray cray over this design project.


BO3After our session, I decided on the Adelaide chair to create a reading nook in my bedroom. I love the structure of the chair and it was easy to customize with the fabric and finishes I wanted. Alex took a few measurements of my space and we agreed to move a few furniture pieces around to accommodate the new chair. We also wanted to ensure it was a focal point for the space. My chair will take about 10-12 weeks to arrive and I am giddy with anticipation to bring my new baby home!





Above is a rendition of what my chair! How amazing is that color?! I’m obsessed and can’t wait to show it off to all of you when it arrives. Have you started your Spring home makeover? Let me know in the comments below or SnapChat me!  xo ~ Ev

Special thanks to BoConcept for the collaboration and items featured in this post.


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