eMerge Americas Conference

eMerge Americas Conference

There is something revolutionary happening in our own backyard. And unless you have been living under a rock, you are clearly aware that the eMerge Americas Technology Conference kicks off this weekend complete with an agenda full of hackathons, start-up competitions, food trucks, and oh yea, technology.

This conference will change the way Miami does business and thus the people that do business in Miami. So… it will be awesome that no longer will every guy you date be a “Club Promoter” or in “Real Estate.” Welcome nerdy techies!

If you are unfamiliar with the conference you can read more about it on the eMerge Americas website this way you sound proficient and cool.

What is the eMerge Americas conference?

The conference is spearheaded by Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos A. Gimenez, and Technology Foundation of the Americas Founder, Manny Medina. These two guys bonded over some coladas and talked about creating a technology hub in Miami.  The greatest asset that Miami has (aside from me) is the connection to Latin America, and it just so happens that our friendly neighbors to the West are techy-cool! So the genius way to differentiate Miami from Silicon Valley is by using our greatest asset… the Americas connection. Essentially these two Bros wanted to shine a spotlight on our shady city and get the attention of companies and dignitaries from all over the globe, and, they are doing this with the eMerge Americas Conference. They wanted to make Miami the cool kid table in the cafeteria.. better reference: the cafeteria at MIT.

What does this mean for you?

If you have a #job in this City, you should totally care about what is happening locally especially anything that helps the local economy grow. The hopes is that the eMerge Conference position Miami as a world leader in innovation. The more innovation that spawns out of this City the more demand for our local resources (i.e our people) and thus will keep the job cycle progressing. And the eMerge Americas Conference is going to revolutionize is the way companies view our City, which hopefully means more commerce and opportunities for Brickellites. The bigger Miami becomes the bigger our paychecks get too – just ask our pale friends in NYC, Chicago and San Fran about their paychecks.

Want to be revolutionary?

The conference kicks off May 2 and ends on May 6th. Check out www.emergeamericas.org and purchase passes for the conference. There is a great lineup of interesting panelists and events surrounding the conference. There is something for everyone and I am sure it will be a more interesting way to spend your weekend than  your typical bar crawl. Be sure to check out the Expo where you can see the start-ups, Universities, and global companies that stand behind the growth of our city. Visit their booths and learn more about their involvement.

Oh and sorry I haven’t written in a while – I know you missed me. I have been jetting the globe and been emerged in eMerge. So if you are lucky, you will spot me at the conference.

eMerging Kisses,

Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres

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