Exploring Miami’s Street Art with Filthy Haanz

Miami Street Art - five and Kemo “We Live in A Rainbow of Chaos, 2014

Just in time for Art Basel 2015 Filthy Haanz and I are going to take you on a tour of Miami’s street art. Miami is growing at a rapid rate and the once desolate warehouse districts are now inhabited with a colorful array of artists from around the world. The international community is taking notice, and a growing number of artists see Miami as THE place for art. I met Filthy Haanz founder Alex at Miami Swim Week this year after the fashion house captivated audiences with their resortwear collection. Their most recent collection is inspired by the colors of Bollywood – including street art. Today, Filthy Haanz and I will take you across some of my favorite spots to gape at street art in Miami.


Since the gentrification of Wynwood has drawn numerous investors to the area, I realized that Miami’s street art movement isn’t just breathing life to artists, it’s also changing the dynamics of our beloved city. The best part is that this same movement is opening new doors for other communities to embrace local art.

Before I started writing this article I felt like something was slipping away. Wynwood was always my comfortable place – I went to the first art walk and was immediately hooked on this art scene. It also didn’t hurt that galleries were generous on the vino!

I won’t deep dive into the gentrification of Miami because you can read about that here, here and watch a fascinating little video here. But I will give you a tour of my personal pockets of art solace.


Outside the Walls in Wynwood

You can’t talk about Miami street art without mentioning the Wynwood Walls. Tony Goldman’s vision to construct a place where artists could canvas their inspirations has grown to be both a hub for artists and an international cultural destination. My favorite things to do on the weekend include taking a gander around the Walls and using the Google Machine on my trusted Apple device to learn more about the artists.

Let’s kick it off with two of my favorite ladies who share a corner (not like that) in Wynwood: Lakwena and Kashink who are both a part of Women on the Walls program for Art Basel 2013.

Filthy Haanz Quad Colored Vibrant Two Piece was the perfect feminine yet striking suit for these two walls. I knew the colors of the two piece would pop. And since I LOVE parading around in a bikini I thought I’d get this one out of the way. 



Leah Arts District

Unfortunately for many artists, Wynwood has now become too expensive to showcase their art, and many are heading west like Feivel to live their dreams. One of the newest areas to explore street art in Miami is the Leah Arts District in Hialeah. This Artist Live/Work Overlay District enjoys a strategic proximity to the newly proposed Hialeah Market Station development project, Miami’s artistic hubs, and other destination areas within Miami-Dade County. Because of its location and highly affordable price per square footage, Hialeah’s new Artist Live / Work District is in a position to play a vital and important role in the artistic and cultural development of not only Hialeah, but the entire South Florida community.

We are taking the photoshoot back east to the Wynwood building where Goldman Properties is headquartered along with Miami New Times. I think this is the hub of creativity in our city.  Filthy Haanz Bollywood Grafitti One-Piece is the striking piece in that swooned me to their designs. Also it doesn’t hurt that the suit gives major va-va-voom!




Downtown Miami

Art lovers can explore 10 locations that feature Downtown Miami’s mural projects. One of my favorite walls is the five and Kemo “We Live in A Rainbow of Chaos, 2014” found across the parking lot from Grand Central Station on NE 1 Ave and NE 7 St. I love how the word “chaos” bleeds the rainbow, and it’s probably the most fitting phrase for our world today.

Unfortunately, in the true spirit of gentrification and the wrench in my article wheel… the wall was torn down on November 10th. I was actually heading to work in an Uber after a pilates class when I saw the giant bulldozer knocking down the wall. It literally felt like someone hit the pause button on this article and the play button on the reality which is about to embark in Miami. I immediately asked the driver to pull over so I could ask the contractors what was up. Caveat: the article you are reading was supposed to publish on November 13th, so I had to “hold the press” until I learned more about the future of this space. Thank you to the soon to be Miami World Center for the article detour and creating chaos for my article – see what I did there.

The last look is Filthy Haanz Rainbow Ombre One-Piece which is so ridiculously stunning and would look haute paired with black skinny jeans and a blazer.


Sometimes this gentrification has a bitter sweet taste especially when you learn about the families and communities affected by the changes. It also teaches us a valuable lesson – to not get attached to things like walls, houses, or material things. Because as I quickly learned they can be torn down. Regardless, the vibrancy of a community is not in the buildings or structures – it’s in the spirit of the people.  xo ~ Ev


Venues: Wynwood and Downtown Miami

Swim Collection: c/o Filthy Haanz 

Hair & Makeup: c/o Glam & Go

PhotographyMatt Rice Photography

…. and my trusty Uber driver for the last photo 😉


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