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This past Sunday my gal pal Krupa, our pups, and I decided to venture out of our normal routine to check out a new coffee spot and catch up on our recent adventures. Krupa has been jetsetting this past month and I couldn’t wait to hear about her journeys to Turkey and Ireland. We headed downtown to the Juan Valdez Coffee Shop and decided to perch on their cozy couch for our coffee date.

Ricardo, the barista was so friendly and explained all of their roasts and brewing methods. Since I’m addicted to coffee I wanted to learn everything about making the perfect cup of Joe.


Ricardo brought out the brewing tools which incorporated a heating plate, beakers, and a distillation gadget (not the official term). We were immersed into the Juan Valdez coffee chemistry lab ::Bill Nye theme song::. The barista showed us 3 types of brewing methods that you can order anytime at the store. My favorite was the Santander coffee brewed over ice. This cold brew technique brings out the robust flavor of the coffee plus it’s cool to watch how the coffee is literally brewed over ice.





The best part about our coffee experience was the passion that all employees have for their company. The team explained that the coffee growers in Columbia are all part owners of the company, so they are personally invested in the quality and growth of the company. More than 500,000 coffee growing families in Colombia are represented by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, which owns the Juan Valdez brand. This means that 500,000 families benefit from the success of the company. Makes you feel good every time you take a sip right?!


Contest Me Baby!

Juan Valdez has partnered with Brickellista Files to put together a giveaway for coffee lovers. Since I LOVE coffee – I wanted to share my favorite treats from the store as well as some of their popular beans. The winner will receive this gift basket as well as a $50.00 gift card to their store!

For your chance to win follow the below steps:

  1. Follow @brickellista on Instagram

  2. Follow @JuanvaldezCafeUS  on Instagram

  3. Tag 2 coffee pals for an extra entry!

Giveaway ends on 5/17/2015. 

Sundays are definitely meant for puppies and catching up with good friends. Krupa and I had such a great time chatting away that we went past lunchtime. I’m glad we explored a new spot for our dates – can’t wait to go back again for a Santander and of course a slice of the lemon pound cake! #nom

Stay tuned for the outfit details later this week!

Coffee Kisses,

Evelyn Torres
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