Fall Beauty Favorites

fall beauty favorites

My obsession with beauty products has become overwhelming. When I filed my taxes this year I realized how much I spend to stay pretty. It’s a pretty penny. So, in order to make this a business case for my 2016 taxes, I decided to start incorporating more beauty on the blog. For the guys reading… I selected a few things for you too! Read on for my favorite Fall beauty finds this season.


Sesderma C-Vit Radiance Glowing Fluid

When I was a little Brickellista my grandmother told me if I rubbed lemons all over myself, my freckles would disappear. I’m Puerto Rican, so most of my people have beautiful caramel skin, I’m an oddity and wanted to fit in. I rubbed lemons all over my skin in hopes that the freckles would vanish. And nothing. My grandmother wasn’t too far off though, Vitamin C is known to diminish skin damage and improve skin’s texture. Sesderma has THE Vitamin C products which have  quickly become my favorite face products. Both guys and gals will benefit from this product – yes boys I’m talkin’ to you!

I absolutely love how my skin feels after applying it. I usually use this in the morning and apply before my moisturizer. The serum gives your skin a nice glow even after applying makeup. Since I started using this product my freckles have started to fade gradually – no lemons needed.


Rene Furterer 5 Sens Dry Oil

Forget argan oil and check out this fabulous all-in-one product for skin and hair. I’m OBSESSED! This dry oil is the perfect travel companion because it really covers it all. I use it daily as a skin moisturizer. It’s become my go-to product each morning because it moisturizes without feeling sticky.  I love applying this to my skin right after the shower… especially after shaving my legs.

It’s also perfect to keep fray hairs in place. After blowdrying, I apply the oil to my ends and run a brush through my hair. The oil gives shine without weighing my hair down. It has a nice clean smell so both guys and gals can use it. OBSESSED.


s1531847-main-lheroUrban Decay Brow Box

To be honest with you before Urban Decay’s Brow Box, taming my brows was foreign to me. The waxing, penciling, and combing, ugh, seriously! I deal enough with my hair, and now I have to groom my brows? Pshh. Get out of town. But then Kendall Jenner appeared with her dewy skin and dark brown brows, and I wanted the same. I want a resting Kendall face. Is that a thing? Let’s make it a thing!

I tried brow pencils, mascara, eye shadow, and all of them made me look like I had giant caterpillars above my eyes. I’m terrible with precision and my shaky hands are the reason why I don’t chop veggies into tiny pieces. Obviously, I wouldn’t trust myself to create even brows. Urban Decay Brow Box is a compact little wonder that works and allows for easy fixes if you darken too much. It’s an all in one kit with mini tweezers and two shades of brow powder. It’s great. Give it a go.


Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water

Miami is so caliente it’s ridic. However, for some reason my skin is always dry. I. Don’t. Get. It. So in my Mary Poppins purse of wonders, I carry Avene to keep my skin hydrated. I get it – it’s water in a spritz can and I was totally apprehensive to spend any dollar amount on this, BUT I’m glad I did. The Eau Thermal not onl
y keeps my face cool, but helps keep my makeup in place. I strongly believe my face didn’t breakout (I know dry skin that breaks out, who am I?!) this summer because of this little wonder. And since it’s warm in Miami all year round this is the perfect companion for any habitant. I keep it at my desk when I need a mid-day refresher. Plus with it’s fancy French name, Avene Eau Thermale, I’m able to impress my friends with my convincing French accent. Merci!


Million Dollar Tan Mermaid Mousse for Face

My friend Jessie loves self tanners, she loves to fake bake all day every day. It works for her and she looks fab all the time. Me on the other hand, I used self tanner in college resembled an Umpa Lumpa sans green hair. You can imagine my fear when Jessie nudged me to give self tanner a whirl. It’s been a few years since college so I grappled with my fear and moussed my face with Million Dollar Tan. Mermaids use it, and who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid!

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

The name says it all, and I’m a fan! If I could create a cheer squad around this product I would. Sleep is one of my favorite luxuries in the day. I love it so much, I wrote a research paper on the importance of sleep in college! Yay for sleep! With my travel schedule, impending deadlines, and creative ideas spiraling through my head, sleep sometimes doesn’t come easy. But This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, is a pillow spray that works and helps set the mood for deep sleep. Like it’s name, it’s super simple to use, you just spray on your pillow. Ta daa! Your bed will smell like heaven and you’ll quickly become addicted to this stuff. It’s 2.5 fl oz, so it’s the perfect travel companion. Oh and no shame for the bros – this is perfect for you too!


Lafco Violet and Amberwood Candle

Okay okay, this isn’t a beauty product per se, but it does make your home smell beauty-full! This pretty candle is the perfect scent for Fall. Unlike pumpkin everything, it is unexpected and not so basic. Lafco has several scents to choose from, but this one is my personal favorite because it’s a bit sensual. Meow. I also wanted to throw it into this blog post because it’s currently burning while I type away, and it makes me happy. I want you to be happy too!

Stay fabulous kiddos! xo, ~Ev

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