How To: Three Fall Hair Trends with BLO Midtown

How To: Three Fall Hair Trends with BLO Midtown

There is one thing I need to confess…. I’m quite terrible with hair upkeep. Sometimes I’ll head to work without styling my hair – I’ll simply plop it up in a bun in the morning and hope that in the afternoon it takes some sort of fabulous shape. Should Miami be a sauna that day – a hair-tie is loyally clamped on my wrist in case of a hair catastrophe.

All of this poses a problem because I am smitten with the hair trends that are popping up this Fall, but unfortunately I am such a novice, I don’t know how to even begin!

That’s when I turn to BLO Midtown.

Kailey and Sandirose aka @thecountress and @themanemuchacha at BLO Midtown invited me to sit upon one of their thrones to learn how I too, can be hair fabulous. I sent them 3 looks I wanted to learn. And since the 60’s are so a la mode this fall – I wanted to go back in time to be fashion forward. Here is my adventure with BLO Midtown.

 Look 1: Beachy Soft Curls

I have always wanted this look of beautiful messy locks that resemble a sex kitten popping out of the pool.  Unfortunately, my natural curls resemble Tina Turner after severe electrocution. I don’t have Tina’s legs so clearly I can’t pull off this style.  But hope is not all lost! Fabulous hair is only a few steps away.

 Step 1: Start with clean, blow dried hair.

Step 2:  Part your hair into a deep side part in line with the arch in your left eyebrow. Section hair and spritz with a heat protector. BLO recommends Unite’s heat protector for ultimate shine.

Step 3: Use a skinny flat iron to make tight curls.

Obligatory selfie for demonstration

Step 4: Once the hair has been curled. Use a serum such as Unite’s Luxury Argan Oil and rub a dime sized amount on your hands. Then run your fingers through the curls gently to separate.  Do not rub too close to the crown of your head because then your hair will look greasy. Keep using fingers to separate hair until you reach the desired wave effect.

BloMiami Look1

Step 5: Spray with hairspray to keep the curls in tact.

Look 2 and Look 3: Bridget Bardot Bouffant Inspiration

Nothing screams 60’s retro better than Bridget Bardot. And seriously what girl doesn’t want to emulate her – she is stunning! This looks requires a little teasing. Keep the fabulous curls from the look before and you can use these next looks for Day 2 & Day 3 after your initial hair washing.

Step 1: Get your products ready. You are going to need bobby pins and a teasing brush.  I bought a teasing brush at Ricky’s on South Beach after working with BLO. I like that it gathers more hair and makes teasing easier. Use volumizing powder if you want extra umph for your bouffant. BloMiamiProducts2


Step 2: Separate the hair horizontally at the crown of your head – about one inch pieces. Take each piece and create a root lift by teasing with a teasing brush.  Do about 3 pieces for a classic bouffant. Remember you can always take some of the tease out, but it’s not easy to add more later on.

DSC00387 (2)
Don’t mind if I take a selfie for this tease

Step 3: Smooth out your backcombing. You can use the small teasing brush to smooth your hair back, creating a perfectly coifed bouffant.


Step 4: Pin it in the back. To secure your bouffant, use several bobby pins (the same color as your hair to disguise them) to keep it in place. X marks the spot – since it’s hard to see the bobby pins in my hair I put them on the table for you to see easier. The first bobby pin is held inside the other bobby pin – that’s how to secure them in your hair.


 Step 5:  Set it with Hairspray. This is how tall the bouffant should be, ideally!


Look 3: Bouffant with a Side Ponytail or Bun

Step 1: Gently pull the hair to the side and use a hair-tie to secure in place. Wrap a half-inch sized hair piece around the hair tie and secure in place with bobbypin.


Step 2: (optional) for the bun. Loosely wrap hair around hair-tie and secure to head with bobby-pins. Make sure to hide bobby-pins  and that they are securely in place so they don’t shake off!! 

It was so much fun to kick-back with the group at BLO Midtown!  They gave me the perfect hair for fall and I can’t wait to try the looks at home. Even though it was monsooning when I left BLO Midtown – I felt so fabulous with my new hair-do. I was an extra lucky lady because my boo took me and my new do to a fabulous dinner at afterwards. I guess hair-effort pays off – thanks again ladies 😉

Styled Kisses,

Evelyn Torres
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  1. Alison
    September 26, 2014 / 10:35 am

    My grandmother taught me how to do a bouffant years ago but your “how to” is easier. Her advice uses velcro curlers which requires a lot of hairspray. I like that your tips are easy to follow. You should consider a You Tube channel because you have beautiful hair! I wish my hair would grow thick like yours. I love reading your blog keep posting please. Pensacola Kisses, Ali <3

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