My First Kiss was Ryan Gosling and Here’s the Love Story

My First Kiss was Ryan Gosling and Here’s the Love Story

In honor of Valentine’s Day I think it’s time I talked about my first kiss. It’s important that you know about this because my close friends know the story. They think it’s incredible, but really it’s just like every pre-teen love story: girl likes guy, guy has no idea, girl kisses guy, guy ignores her.

Only my guy was Ryan Gosling… I guess that’s why my friends love this story.


When I was 12, I would spend my Saturdays as an “audience member” for the Mickey Mouse Club (MMC). My friends and I would get dropped off at MGM Studios at Disney in Orlando, and the producers for the show would guide our herd of audience members to the studio.

Growing up in Orlando that was our weekend fun. Other kids would go to the mall on Saturdays… my friends and I would geek out in the MMC audience.

During tapings we’d sit around for 6-8 hours and the cast would often hang out with the audience members. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera would sit with my friends and I because we had a mutual love of headbands. Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling would often come by doing little comedy bits and flirt with the girls.

I thought Justin was annoying AF.

Ryan, however, was super charming and said “wassup” to all of us.  He always did a little head nod and smirk action…  he had swagger even at 13.

Remember, Ryan Gosling Didn’t Always Look Like this…

Nope. In Fact, Check Out My Old Flame.

He was clearly adorable.

So How’d This Famous Kiss Go Down?

Every time Ryan walked over, I would turn a new shade of purple, and I’d become eerily quiet. One day Britney called me out and said, “you have a crush on Ryan!”

Guilty, bitch.

That’s when I realized, Jonathan Taylor Thomas wasn’t doing it for me anymore, and like Celine Dion advised, my heart had to go on.  JTT posters officially moved out of my bedroom, and Ryan Gosling Bop Magazine posters moved in.

I was in L-O-V-E and I started signing “Evelyn Gosling” all over my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper.

My best friend and headband-loving Britney both encouraged me to say something. And after a few weekends of tapings I finally made a move.

Caveat: 12 year old Evelyn was beyond awkward. Curly hair, bushy brows, no makeup…  90’s hoop earrings were all the rage. And I was killing it with polyester shirts from 5-7-9. Hottie alert!

Let’s Pause & Check Out Brickellista circa 1992 – 1994 

Prime Mickey Mouse Club Years

Back to the Story….

Wearing my best headband, I bravely walked up to Ryan. He was sitting on a staircase and glanced over at me and said “Hey E!” (he probably didn’t know my full name). My response “Oh hey R,” trying to sound casual and cool.

When did Ryan and I become friends on a first-letter basis? Never.

I climbed the stairs, my heart literally beating in my throat. When I made it to his side, my legs turned to Jell-O. I managed to squeak out, “I think you’re the cutest Mickey Mouse Club Member ever” (oh boy, what a line!)

And my future husband responded, “I think you’re the cutest audience member ever!” He grabbed my face, pulled me in, and kissed me. I almost fell over in shock. Not knowing what to say… I awkwardly walked away and towards my friends who were legit baffled. My friend said “Oh my god, you JUST kissed Ryan Gosling”

Once I finally realized what happened, I couldn’t stop talking about it. I JUST KISSED RYAN GOSLING. He clearly loved me too, duh.

At dinner with my parents, I felt it was time I mentioned my future husband. I excitedly replayed the scenario about 35 times for them.

My dad was far from pleased. A man of few words suddenly had a lot to say about my new love. Yikes.

So What Happened with Ryan and I?


There was one more taping of the season before the show was cancelled. During that taping we saw each other briefly and waved before I was escorted away with the rest of the audience herd.

Does Ryan remember me? Probably not. Do I care? Nope. Have I fallen in love since? Yep. Does my dad still care? Absolutely.

So there you have it, my first kiss story! Eat your heart out Eva Mendes.
















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