Four Essentials To Plan Before Traveling To Miami

Four Essentials To Plan Before Traveling To Miami

Miami’s beauty, culture, and diversity draw more than 15 million tourists annually and get the city praise from travel writers throughout the world. The city’s art deco area and position on Florida’s southernmost tip make it a must-see for beachgoers. Here are some things visitors to Miami should know, whether they’re planning their first trip there or returning after a long absence.

Four Essentials To Plan Before Traveling To Miami

Where to Stay

Miami is home to some of the best hotels in the United States, including properties with luxurious amenities and breathtaking vistas. Some hotels, despite their beauty, charge exorbitant rates per night. This is especially true at times of increased tourist activity and celebration. Preparation is the key to saving money and increasing availability at any tourist hotspot.

Miami vacation rentals are a good option for those who would rather avoid the hassle of competing for a hotel room. Vacation rentals offer the same or even better amenities as hotels, but for a fraction of the price. Another benefit of renting is the increased mobility it affords. Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and Brickell are all within easy driving distance of Miami’s main tourist attractions, from downtown to South Beach.

Think about what you’ll need and want from a holiday hotel before making reservations. Think over amenities such as kitchens, eating areas, pools, laundry facilities, privacy, security, ease of access, vistas, and cost. All of these factors should be considered while deciding between a hotel and a rental. You may also want to think about the services you may need when visiting such as Fast-Fix in case you break a piece of jewelry while out.

Check the Weather

If you are traveling to Miami, one thing I always suggest is to check the weather… and then plan for every forecast. Miami is famous for it’s random (scary) downpours followed by clear skies two seconds later. Miami offers a moderate environment with winter low temperatures of around 60 degrees and summer weather around the 90s. The city also features a warm climate that’s fairly warm, however, it can rain most evenings. 

From March to May, maximum temperatures vary in the high 70s and low 80s, which usually comes with rain in the afternoon.  Its coastal location does mean that you can except tropical storms and hurricane season extends from June to November.

Can you tell I wanted to be a weather girl growing up?! Ha! If you are traveling to Miami, make sure to pack and umbrella and one of those ponchos that fit in your handbag. Also pack a portable battery operated fan, they can prove to be a lifesaver when walking around the beach. You never know what the weather will bring in Miami so just be prepared.

What To Pack

Warm temperatures and a coastal location mean that visitors should bring clothes that will keep them cool and comfortable. There are millions of stunning people living in Miami, all of whom are crazy about the newest trends and best styles.

  • Pack your flip-flops, your comfy walking shoes, numerous fashionable swimwear, your cocktail outfits, and your heels for the nightclubs.
  • When visiting the beach, it is important to always use sunscreen. Don’t leave home without your fashionable sunglasses, a good book, lip balm that contains sunscreen, swimwear coverups, a beach bag, and a sun hat.
  • Pack a pair of pants, shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, and a sweatshirt or light jacket for the evenings and chilly weather. Remember the essentials like medicine and toiletries.
  • Allow me to mention a portable battery operated fan again!
  • And don’t forget bug spray – especially in the summer.

Where to Go + What to Do

There’s always something going on in Miami! Whether it is the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Art Basel, The Boat Show, or Coconut Grove Arts Festival there are outdoor festivals to enjoy year round. If you are like me and are looking for ways to enjoy the sunshine, then make sure you check out websites like which always has the latest and greatest information about Miami. You can also subscribe to my blog to learn more too!

These are some of the essentials that you need to know when you are planning a trip to Miami. Are you visiting soon? What do you have planned? 


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