10 Explicit Rap Songs to Hit the Gym Like a Gangsta

10 Explicit Rap Songs to Hit the Gym Like a Gangsta

Sometimes we need to refresh our workout playlist to help motivate us to hit the gym. I personally love Gangster Rap when I’m lifting weights and running on the treadmill. I created a playlist on Spotify capturing some of my favorite explicit rap songs I have rotating on my regular workout playlist. Feel free to incorporate all songs or just one to your regular playlist to spice things up!

Iz they wilding with us? by Busta Rhymes featuring Mystikal.

Play this song as you are walking into the gym. If it doesn’t pump you up then you’re definitely in a coma.  This album came out just in time for my family trip to the Keys. My best friend and I played this song on repeat on my boom box (that’s like an iPod for you Millenials) in the back of the mini van. We turned up the volume during the curse words. It’s art, dad!! Looking back I realize my parents are super patient and I appreciate them even more now for letting me tap into my gangsta side. 

Who Run It? composed by Three Six Mafia

Who run it you might ask? You do baby, you do. Show everyone some serious tricep lifts and bicep curls with this song.  This song was THE song of our Senior class and I distinctly remember our class President blasting this song in the parking lot almost everyday the last week of school. Oy. Us suburban kids love being hoodrats. 

Get Your Roll On by Big Tymers

Are you new to rap? Do you need an excuse to curse after a long day in the office? Then this song is for you! Get Your Roll On makes for learning rap lyrics easily, in case you want to impress your friends with your vernacular! It also makes jogging on a treadmill bearable for The. Number. One. Stunna. 

Let’s Go by Trick Daddy Featuring Twista & Lil Jon’

You gotta have some Trick Daddy on your playlist if you live in the MIA. And let’s be, real Lil Jon’s voice is everyone’s inner angry voice. Seriously, try to make an angry voice and who do you emulate? Lil Jon.  This song is perfect for bench presses and free weights. Let’s goooooo! ::angry voice::

Survival of the Fittest by Mobb Deep

I dragged my very non hood rat friends to the Mobb Deep concert in Miami. I was spirit fingers excited to see the Half Way Crooks in concert. My friends were not so thrilled but made the best of it. I promised them Taco Bell after the concert so they obliged. This song is slow and PERFECT for core ball exercises and crunches. 

I Don’t Give a… composed by Mystikal, featuring Krazie Bone and Lil Jon.

Ahh yes, my anthem. I seriously #DGAF about trivial shit. I blame this song for empowering me to only focus on the things that matter. Lil Jon is also in this song… hm maybe I’m a bigger fan of his than I thought. Something to introspect and journal later… I also love Mystical he screams and says “WHAT!” at all the right moments. Oh…  and I love working out my legs to this song.

Down for my Niggaz by C-Murder featuring Snoop Dogg

Before Snoop Dogg was hanging out in the kitchen with Martha Stewart, he was bro-ing out with C-Murder. ::sigh:: I love C-Murder. He’s so vocally attractive, don’t you think? Down for My Niggaz is a classic and should be on everyone’s playlist – I have it on 3 of my playlists currently.  The song’s tempo starts off allegretto then slows down, which makes it perfect for the stair master and heavy weight squats.

Get Low by Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon, and Eastside Boys 

This song always takes me back to college dancing with my sorority hens and dropping it like it’s hot on the dance floor. I really just wanted to add this song and Snoop Doggy Dog + Pharrel Williams Drop it Like It’s Hot because both are good for squats and working out your boooottaaayy.

Retro Godfather by Method Man

Cool down with a retro vibes courtesy of M-E-T-H-O-D Man. His Tical 2000: Judgement Day album is pretty legit and it features cameos from celebs. I hid this CD in my room because I didn’t want my parents to find it. CATS OUTTA THE BAG NOW AIN’T IT? I love stretching to this song because it’s chill and has a long chorus to hold stretches.

Need a wardrobe update to match your new gangster playlist? Check out my picks below. I’m bouncing out of this joint!



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  1. January 29, 2020 / 5:05 pm

    This older song alternates between fast and slow-paced, so it s a good one for an interval workout. Another favorite by the Black Eyed Peas, this energetic song is perfect if you really want to push yourself.

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