Her Health Month and Self Care Tips For Living Your Best Life!

Her Health Month and Self Care Tips For Living Your Best Life!

The month of May celebrates “Her Health” month which is especially important to me since a healthy lifestyle is one of my focus areas in life… and this blog. 

I partnered with Babble Boxx to try some new items which make a healthy lifestyle feasible and attainable. Their box was filled with goodies I was excited to sample and more importantly, share with all of you! 

Self care is so important and this month I have committed to staying in shape and focus on my health!

Zenni Glasses 

You guys know I am always on my computer and I have talked about blue Light Blocking glasses in the past as one of my tips of the week. Many of you wrote in saying that the glasses I suggested were bulky. 

Well, here comes Zenni to the rescue. Their compact and cute classes  have a clear lens that blocks HEV blue light and provides maximum UV protection with minimal color distortion. 

I picked up this super cute metal frame pair which are light and compact. I absolutely love my pair of Zenni glasses and suggest that anyone looking to protect their eyes, considers these as an option. 

Aftershokz: Trekz Air 

For those of us in the Brickell Run club or anyone taking their workout music to the gym the Trekz Air open ear headphones are a must.  These lightweight, Bud-free headphones offer a unique listening experience without slipping out of your ear. 

At first I was apprehensive thinking that these puppies would not provide the sound quality I was looking for, but I was wrong. The Aftershokz Trekz Air provide great sound while staying in place during my run.

Right now my readers will recieve $30 off  Trekz Air until June 30th if you use the code: LIFESTYLE30

Chesapeake Bay Candle: Mind & Body

Meditation has become one of my daily health goals and to set the mood I will light a candle. The Chesapeake Bay Candle is one of my latest finds that has me feeling oh-so-zen. This soy wax blend candle is infused with natural essential oils delivers a clean burn. 

The Peace & Tranquility scent I picked out is perfect for yoga, meditation, or to set the mood before bed.

All of the candles are designed and poured in the USA so you can feel good about purchasing and feel zen when you light it! 

Pure Synergy: Organic Beet Juice Powder & Turmeric Extract 

I have been majorly health obsessed with making organic smoothies recently. Blame it on the humid summer months or the fact that I want to get my green game on, but smoothies are my thing. 

Typically I will add a few different powders and extracts to my smoothies based on my body’s needs. 

The two that have been on my counter recently are: 

  • Organic Beet Juice Powder: which is a daily health booster with tons of phytonutrients. It is perfect if you are in need of extra antioxidents. Since using, my skin has been GLOWING! Woot! 
  • Turmeric Extract: helps to optimize wellness and cognitive function by supporting a healthy inflammatory response.  You guys know I am always battling inflammation and Turmeric is great for after workout healing of inflamed muscles/aches 

Not all powders are alike. So I did my research and Pure Synergy is never subjected to heat, solvents, oxygen, or other harsh processing. This is important because you get all of the nutrients and no additives. 

Want to try these powders? Check out the TheSynergyCompany.com and get 15% discount with code: PureSynergyPartner 

Her Health Month and Self Care Tips For Living Your Best Life!

Champion The Curvy Strappy Sports Bra 

Sorry boys, this one is for the girls! The Champion Athletic Curvy Strappy Sports Bra is a real game changer to my running game! 

The molded cups offer shape and support and the smooth band makes this a comfortable sports bra! Living a healthy lifestyle is important and the clothes you wear need to be comfortable and fitting to help achieve your health goals. 

With all things Brickellista style is everything and the V neck offers a curvier look and the hook and eye closure provides a custom fit. 

Her Health Month and Self Care Tips For Living Your Best Life!

The Myth Of A Nice Girl 

I am always looking for new personal growth and health books and The Myth of a Nice Girl may become our June Book Club Book!  Fran Hauser provides a candid guide for ambitious women who want to succeed without losing themselves in the process. 

This book is great for anyone looking for Career guidance, help with navigating the workplace culture, or just needs a little female empowerment! 

I’m still reading the book and so far it is witty, motivational and overall inspirational!  

Her Health Month and Self Care Tips For Living Your Best Life!

Her Health Month should be every month because self-care is so important to creating balance! Happiness is not a destination it is a journey and taking care of yourself is an undeniable way to making this journey exciting! 


Special thanks to BabbleBoxx.com for sponsoring this post.






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