Hosting an Unforgettable Tea Party in Miami: Tips and Ideas

Hosting an Unforgettable Tea Party in Miami: Tips and Ideas

I’m always looking for ways to connect with friends and hosting soirees is one of my favorite hobbies. Combine the two passions and I’m like a Latina Martha Stewart! And in true Martha style hosting friends is not a small task, that’s why I am always looking for new ideas to keep my friends engaged.

I was recently inspired by my friend’s birthday she hosted at the famous Plaza Hotel in New York City. Birthday gal Blaire wanted to host her gals for afternoon tea and we had a fabulous time. I wanted to bring these vibes to Miami because throwing an afternoon tea party is a lovely way to spend time with friends and enjoy some delicious treats! If you live in Miami, you are lucky to have a wide variety of options for outdoor settings, which is ideal for hosting an afternoon tea party. Here are some tips for throwing an amazing afternoon tea party for your friends in Miami.

Choose the perfect outdoor setting

Miami has beautiful weather and a wide array of outdoor settings, so it’s important to choose the perfect spot for your tea party. Whether it’s a park, a garden or a beach, look for a spot that’s easily accessible and has ample seating. Make sure to check if you need any permits or reservations beforehand.

If you happen to not have an agreeable outdoor environment, you can also bring your tea party indoors! Check out my indoor picnic idea for inspiration.

Send out invitations

Send out invitations to your guests at least two weeks in advance, so that they have enough time to RSVP. Make sure to include all the necessary information, such as the date, time, location, and any special instructions or requests. 

I personally love using Paperless Post for the invitations because it allows for customized invitations which can easily be screenshot for a mass text.

Choose a theme

To add some extra fun to your tea party, consider choosing a theme. You could go for a tropical theme, a vintage theme, or a garden party theme. Choose your decorations, menu, and music to match your theme.

Plan your menu

A tea party is not complete without some delicious treats. Plan your menu ahead of time and consider the dietary needs of your guests. Traditional tea party foods include scones with clotted cream and jam, cucumber sandwiches, and petit fours. You might even learn how to make a genoise cake so you can serve delicious vanilla genoise to your friends. You can also add a tropical Miami twist to your menu with some exotic fruits, guava pastries or coconut macaroons.

I personally love an afternoon tea with inspired cocktails as well… because why not! The Plaza Hotel serves their classic Sage Advice cocktail during their Afternoon Tea and it’s made with Sage infused Plymouth gin and Yellow Chartreuse with enriched with lemon juice, the unique taste of The Plaza’s own sage honey and a splash of club soda.

When planning your menu ahead of time it’s okay to sample the tea and scones to ensure they are perfection.

Decorate your space

Set the ambiance with beautiful decorations. Choose a color scheme and decorate your tables with flowers and linens. You can also add some fun elements such as string lights, balloons or banners to make your party more festive.

I personally love the tea towers that The Plaza Hotel uses to showcase their cakes and sandwiches. While I don’t think the towers are 100% necessary I do think that displaying the food you are serving provides a tasty decorative element! I also think selecting tea plates and silverware for the afternoon tea adds a dash of elegance.

Serve your tea

Tea is an important part of any tea party, so make sure you have plenty of tea pots and cups available. I personally love a matcha tea with oat milk and just a dash of agave! Your guests may have different tastes so it’s important to offer a variety of teas to choose from. In Miami, you can find some delicious exotic blends with tropical fruits, or you can stick to traditional black or green tea.


While enjoying the beautiful Miami weather and chatting with friends is already enough entertainment, you can also add some games, music or activities to keep the party going. I personally love Cards Against Humanity and 

Don’t forget the favors

Show your appreciation to your guests by offering them some small gifts or favors. Some examples include tea bags, chocolates, or small plants that they can take home as a souvenir.

Make it a potluck

If you want to make your tea party more of a collaborative effort, you can make it a potluck. Ask your guests to bring a dish to share, and you can provide the tea and other beverages.

Offer some activities

If you want to keep your guests entertained, consider offering some activities such as a tea leaf reading or a hat decorating contest. You could also set up a photo booth with fun props to capture some memorable moments.

Hosting an afternoon tea party in Miami is a perfect way to celebrate the beautiful weather, delicious food, and great company. With these tips, you can throw an amazing tea party that your guests will never forget.


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