How to Have a Productive and Rewarding Weekend

How to Have a Productive and Rewarding Weekend

Living and working in Miami is fun and exciting, but like any other city it can also be exhausting. It’s a busy area with a lot of crowds and after a busy work week a productive and rewarding weekend is necessary. I personally enjoy using my days off off to focus on myself and get some stuff done! 

Today I am sharing my tips for a productive and rewarding weekend that will make you feel good about yourself! These tips will also have you  energized to return to work on Monday with a fresh perspective. 

How to Have a Productive and Rewarding Weekend

Exercise & Stay Active

One of my favorite ways to kick off Saturday morning is with a visit to Equinox. Sign me up for a yummy yoga class to stretch away the week day stress.  It’s a great opportunity to release and reduce stress as well as get into better shape. Some of my other favorites include going for a run on the beach or power-walking through a new neighborhood. It may also be gratifying and relaxing to go for a walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset. Feeling the zen vibes?! 

Make Repairs around the Home

Nesting is one of my favorite things to do especially on the weekend! It’s also another way to have a productive and rewarding weekend in Miami is to make repairs around your house. Take inventory of what needs your attention the most and prioritize your tasks so you give your attention to the right areas. There are many projects you can tackle yourself such as finding parts to fix your dishwasher online and ensuring it is back up and running, or replacing light bulbs and making sure anything that’s broken is in working order. Can you tell what my last weekend entailed? 

The point is that there are many things you can tackle on your own, and if you’re anything like me, the Home Depot is the mothership. Sign me up for a field trip to the garden center any day!

Get Organized

Following the repairs and nesting trend, it’s also in productive to get as organized as possible on the weekends. You will feel much more relaxed and happy when you can find what you need in a hurry. Channel your best Marie Kondo and only keep what you need and use. When cleaning here is the system I use: 

  • Keep – These are the items I love and bring me joy! 
  • Maybe – These are items I am not loving as much as the others so I keep them in a bag in the back of the closet. If I don’t reach for these items in 3 months they get donated. 
  • Donate – I always start with a donate pile and make sure the items I donate are in good shape. 

It may be time to invest in some storage solutions and labels or file folders where you can place your important paperwork. As you get organized, you should think about cleaning your rooms and home too so you’re all set for the week ahead.

Rest & Recharge

Most importantly, you can use your weekend days to rest and recharge. You may not feel like you’re being productive but you’ll have more energy and feel better when you take good care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to put your feet up and read a book or turn on a movie and fall asleep early instead of going out on the town with your friends. It will feel very rewarding to wake up on Sunday and not feel groggy and sleep the day away. Instead, you can work in your garden or sit on your patio and enjoy sipping on a cup of coffee. 

These are ways to have a productive and rewarding weekend that will have you smiling ear to ear and feeling good. Your weekends don’t always have to be busy and chaotic. Instead, you can plan to get organized and spend time on tasks that will improve your wellbeing and life. 


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