How to Relax and Create Intention with Scent and Glimmering Candles

How to Relax and Create Intention with Scent and Glimmering Candles

One of my favorite ways to wind down is by lighting candles and surrounding myself with scent. Fragrance is muy importante when setting the mood and creating ambiance. I learned this way back in the day when I created events. Candles and fragrance create an intimate atmosphere and immediately changes the dynamic of a room.  So you can imagine, my obsession with candles is real-real!

Haven’t you ever walked into a hotel or boutique and said to yourself “wow it smells so good in here” and then walk over to the first person you see to ask about the candle? I have. In fact I ALWAYS do that. I’m a freak – I know. And I want people to do the same thing when they walk into my home.

Ever since I started working from home, I started lighting candles to set different moods. It’s strange working in your house and THEN try to turn off from the work day in the same home. Scent helps me create different moods throughout the day.

Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection

Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection


I like to start my day with low serotonin levels. So my morning routine is pretty specific. The Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection has an Awaken + Invigorate candle that ensures my morning routine is set for the day. I will light the candle as soon as I get out of bed. I make the bed, while listening to my podcasts. Once I’m awake… well as awake as I can be before sipping on coffee… I will do my 15 minute meditation.

The Awaken + Invigorate candle has energizing, citrus top notes of lemongrass, verbena and petitgrain. The clean scent creates a spa-like atmosphere which helps keep serotonin low and creates the perfect vibe for meditation.

This is how I start my day with intention.

Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection


Mondays and Tuesdays are usually my writing days for the blog. Those are the two days I lock myself at home and write write write until the break of dawn. I exaggerate! I’ll create content until about 5pm and then close my computer.

I am most creative when I’m totally relaxed. And let’s face it, life doesn’t always allow us to be “relaxed” all of the time, so I have to set the intention by creating a relaxed atmosphere. You guessed it I have a scent for that! The Stillness + Purity candle is absolute perfection. It even comes in a pretty pink jar which looks great on my desk. 

The reason I use the same candle to wind down AND write is because it reminds me to relax. For example, when I take a bubble bath this candle is lit, so when I’m trying to recreate that moment (because I can’t sit in a bubble bath all day) I’ll light this candle.


After work I’ll take Zoey for a long walk. It helps me close my computer and come back home with a new intention – relaxation!

I usually like to eat dinner and wind down with a good book. About an hour before bed I’ll light my Serenity + Calm candle. The soothing aromatic notes of bergamot, rosemary leaves and touches of lavender help create a serene environment.

This helps get my brain to stop thinking about work and shut down any work related anxiety. I’m not saying lighting candles keeps me stress-free all of the time! No way Jose! But setting the intention so shift mental gears, helps with mindfulness. And it’s this mindfulness that helps keep the creepy stress gremlin at bay!

Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection

Awaken + Invigorate // Stillness + Purity // Serenity + Calm

The Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection is inspired wellness lifestyle trend that includes aromatherapy, yoga, and healthy diet.  Their collection of candles offers mood-enhancing home fragrance products created to help complete your wellness routine. I was turned on to the brand a few months ago and became obsessed with their Peace + Tranquility candle.

Their collection of candles is perfect for creating different ambiances at home. The jars look gorgeous on a vanity or desk and they double as makeup brush holders (or pencil holders) once the candle is depleted.


Thank you to Chesapeake Bay Candle for sponsoring this post.
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