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Dating Girls in Miami

The new Q&A section is a hot tamale on the blog! And it’s exciting to hear from all of you.

I’ve received so many questions! For those questions which fall in the same category I am sharing with all of you with the permission of the individual writing in, of course.

Hopefully it help you navigate an obstacle in your life or provides a new perspective.

Read Below for Humble and Bumbling.


On Dating & Meeting Girls in Miami

Dear Brickellista,

I moved to Miami a few weeks ago and my [real estate] agent told me about your blog. It’s cool. It’s a bit girly for me, but you write good shit and it helps that you’re hot.

I’m sure many people write you, but maybe you can help a new neighbor. I started swiping [on dating apps in Miami] and chicks here seem rude and into themselves. No offense to the other populous of women, but the ones I connect with don’t provide much substance. Based on the questions they ask they seem to be looking for someone to take care of them.

I have a great job but I’m no baller.

Is this normal? For me it’s off-putting. I moved here from Austin and the chicks there are chill.

Any advice for snagging a great chick in Miami?

Humble and Bumbling


Dear Humble and Bumbling (phenom alias by the way),

I appreciate the “XO” at the end of your email and the compliment on my hotness. Two things that are never wasted on me!

Based on your email, you seem like a normal dude looking to find your spicy mamacita penguin in Miami. I admit some ladies in Miami prefer an opulent lifestyle.

Don’t let that deter you.

Dating is difficult and adding a superficial app makes it annoying. Best thing about the apps is you can nix people quickly without leaving your couch.

I remember when I started dating in Miami bros would ask me what high school I went to, like immediately. My response would be a sassy “I have an MBA and you’re asking about high school?” Turns out, they were asking to see if I attended a fancy private school in Miami to judge my parents wealth.

There were no swiping apps back then (I’m old), but if there were, I could have saved some hairspray and stayed home in the comfort of my snuggie.

If the ladies looking for wealth aren’t your cup of tea, then move on to the next. Dating is a numbers game, and if your heart is in the right place, you’ll find someone equally as invested in the outcome as you.

Ask your new co-workers if they have any single lady friends.

Pro tip: married people LOVE setting singles up! So ask around and don’t feel discouraged.

Try to enjoy the other beautiful things about Miami and pick up some hobbies that reflect your uniqueness.

Welcome to Miami. It’s hot here in more ways than one 😉

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