It’s Back… Ultra Music Festival 2014

It’s Back… Ultra Music Festival 2014

I hope you have your neon and glow-sticks ready Brickellites, it’s almost show time. Whether you love it or you hate it, Ultra is back, and it’s not going anywhere. Because nothing else screams Miami quite like thousands of mini highlighters stampeding across Brickell with their date Molly. Ah, yes. Ultra.

So what are some acts to catch? Like the zombies of Ultra – watch out for the young ones. recently published an article titled Dance Music’s Next Generation: 10 Young EDM Stars to Watch.  While I won’t personally parade around Miami looking like Rainbow Brite; I can totally appreciate those with a gift for a beat. So, I added these youngin’s to my “Work Out Music” playlist on Spotify to see if they could spike my heart rate at the gym… a true test of good EDM.

The nuggets to look out for this weekend:

  • Danny Avila – Great jogging music when you want to zone out and clear your head. I enjoyed most of his tracks. My two favorites were Breaking Your Fall and Poseidon.
  • Krewella – Very poppy and peppy. Totally caters to my girly style. Alive is still one of my favorite “getting ready for a night out” songs.  They are mainstream, so you EDM hipsters probably hate them. 
  • Martin Garrix – This 17-year-old defied logic with his single Animals by remaining on the Billboard Hot 100 for over 25 weeks. The track was already on my playlist, but his other singles pumped me up just as much. Impressive little Ken doll. Impressive.
  • Disclosure – although they have bowed out of Ultra, I still really like their music. They don’t belong in my Work Out Playlist so they’ve been added to a more fitting collaboration of artists alongside those in my “Do Laundry Get Dirty” playlist. I’d like to see them in concert eventually.
  • DJ Elle Morgan – at just 13 this tyke is probably cooler than me. Just kidding, but close! She’s probably too young to DJ at Ultra, but her Starkidz single really amped my run. She’s legit. Call me when you are 21 you little betch. We can rage.

So there you have it – some cute little DJs to pop into your iPod Shuffle. And if you’re frustrated with the traffic and insanity, just remember, Ultra offers a great rebirth after three months full of SOBEWFF tourists, Spring Breakers, and WMC visitors. After this weekend, most Brickellites will “detox,” dive back into careers, and blend back normally into society. It’s a natural cycle that happens in Miami… until the next shit show – Memorial day. 

Ultra. Welcome back you sexy bitch. 

EDM Kisses,


Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres

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