Keep It Tight. Keep It Right. Holiday Survival Guide

Keep It Tight. Keep It Right. Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays can startle our regular routine with parties and over indulgence. I think everyone has to deal with holiday madness in some capacity. So, I am giving you some tips & tricks for dealing with all the holiday parties. Booze, tiny appetizers, and cookies beware because this guide will have you saying “no thank you!” and opting for a healthier holiday instead.

Skin is In!

My friends know I’m a nut when it comes to my skin, and sheet masks are my favorite tool to combat a stressful week. Seriously, I would have looked like a raisin after Art Basel! Here are my favorite masks to combat stress.

Bye-Bye Boozey Hangover

Dehydrate, hydrate was the mantra when I worked at Bacardi. I typically was hydrating with soda water and lime (no booze!) to make pretend I was enjoying the hard stuff.

  • Start with a glass of water as you acclimate with the environment. Sometimes social awkwardness can make us grab a drink out of nerves. Take this tip from a massive introvert (hello!)
  • Add extra ice to your drink – the ice will dilute the drink.
  • Drink a glass of water after each drink.
  • Switch to Tito’s vodka with soda water – gluten free drink!
  • Or try my trick and drink sparkling water with lime the whole night!

Calendar Block Your Soirees

Before you do any of the below, make sure you calendar block your events so you know where you will be and the travel time to the venue. This will make it easier to add in snack time, workouts, and R&R.

I love my iCalendar on my computer. It looks like Rainbow Brite exploded on it with all of my colored time blocks.

  • Check out the Productivity Podcast it has great tips on calendar blocking!
  • Find a To Do List App like Evernote
  • Set time on your calendar for eating, working out, wrapping presents, etc.

Spoil Your Appetite

Prior to an event I’ll have a light meal this way I’m not a savage when the tiny appetizers walk by me.

  • Try a green smoothie with almond butter
  • Fill up on veggies and 2 tbsp of hummus
  • If you prefer to leave the house full, meal prep and freeze the meals so you can quickly reheat before leaving the house
  • Another way to curb the appetite is with acupuncture.  There are many places that offer weight loss services in Miami acupuncture, which helps to suppress the appetite.

Get Swole to Beat the Bloat

I do something active each day and my memberships at Equinox and Exhale help with scheduling classes based on my schedule. Many gyms offer a few week and the week between Christmas and NYE is when the weight gain from the prior month hits.

  • Schedule a workout every. single. day.
  • Take a 30 minute walk around your block
  • Hit up the steam room or sauna to sweat our toxins
  • Try something new! This year I tried Pilates!
  • Check out at home workouts

Have other tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

Happy Holidays. Happy Everything.






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