Leather + Plaid in London

Miami Wardrobe for London

For Miami folks, traveling to cold weather destinations can feel overwhelming because we are not equipped to handle the change of seasons. Most of us don’t even have various coats for varying temperatures, so packing for conditions outside of humid and sunny can be a challenge. This was my dilemma during my recent trip to London since the city is famous for its fickle weather. My shopping goal was to find outfits which could easily incorporate with my Miami wardrobe and look chic while sightseeing in London of course!

DSC01570 (2)

Since the weather was unpredictable I kept a neutral lightweight trench with me during my explorations. My handbag had to also fit the bill (and hold my coat). So I brought my favorite Burberry Prorsum (similar) handbag back to its homeland to show me the way through London.

DSC01524 (2)

This outfit was perfect for London and with the perfect pair of pumps and blazer, will be perfect for the office. The faux leather pencil skirt is chic and will be perfect for the {few} chilly days in Miami.

I am digging the plaid button down which will work well with shorts and espadrilles back in Miami.

Speaking of espadrilles, shoes are always my biggest packing issue because I always pack too many and they fill a suitcase pretty quickly. I always pack the lightest pair and make sure they are comfy enough.

PS – thank you London windy day for my awesome Mariah Carey windblown hair!!

DSC01526 (2)

Not gonna lie… we got pretty lost in London, which means we needed our phones! My favorite accessory is my iPhone and am grateful I extended the data plan for international use – quick tip get your phone unlocked before you depart so you can use an international SIM card. They are less expensive overseas and will save you a ton… which means more cash for  shopping. 

DSC01546 (2)

Yep, I was totally lost, but glad I found everyone before we missed our dinner reservations! Yikes, guess I am always on Miami time even in London town.








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