Look Better Naked with Frank Bod

Look Better Naked with Frank Bod

I have to tell you a little secret… I am in L-O-V-E! It’s a love like none other because it’s dirty and rough. Not to mention, I get rosy cheeked when we hang out in the shower. So who is this new love? Frank Bod is his name and coffee is his game. And this love isn’t toxic is’s more like a natural coffee addiction where I just can’t get enough.

Frank Bod is a growing coffee-based skincare company made with natural ingredients. The label isn’t a spelling bee contest because the ingredients are simple, honest and err frank! I had the opportunity to meet with the fabulous babes of Frank Bod, Erika Geraerts, Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson for a coffee house chat about their coffee business. This power house trio of besties was able to build a 20 million dollar revenue business in 18 months. And how did they do it? Purely through an honest product, sexy instagram campaign, and a website full of hot babes. Talk about social impact!

DSC01889 (2)

So let’s crack this bad boy open shall we? For this article I slathered myself in coffee scrub and proceeded to the pool area to do photos because let’s face it I wasn’t going to strip down in the shower for the article! When you first open the package you are greeted by the most welcoming coffee smell. The waterproof packaging makes it easy to dig in, scoop with your hands, and plop on your gorgeous bod.  Leave the scrub on your bod for about 5 – 7 minutes to let your skin soak in the essential oils.

My trick to keep the shower clean (because after-all this is coffee you are using) is to turn the shower off while you are scrubbing. This keeps the grounds from splashing all over the place. A little goes a long way because the scrub spreads evenly see Exhibit A above.

DSC01775 (3)

The best part of this scrub is you can use it after shaving Whaaaatt?! Unlike other scrubs which are salt based, Frank Body’s coffee base is a no sting exfoliator which makes is perfect post shave. Weee! One more little perk – the essential oils within the scrub moisturize the skin leaving you sexy smooth with a confident glow.

DSC01909 (2)After reading more about coffee based scrubs I realized there are some great benefits to the skin. The caffeine stimulates blood flow and increases circulation. When combined with the massaging motion during application, it assists in smoothing uneven skin tone. Ongoing, repetitive use of Frank has been shown to improve various skin issues such as cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, and acne. A look through the hashtag #thefrankeffect on Instagram for before and after photos will have you addicted too!
DSC01779 (2)

If I had to pick only one Frank Bod product (although I would pick them all) I’d choose the Creamy Face Scrub. I love this face scrub so much and use it 3 times per week. The Face Scrub gives me a nice rosy cheeky glow as if I’ve been training for a marathon! More importantly, I’ve seen such a change in my skin and others have noticed as well. After I use the scrub I feel like my skin creams actually absorb better into the skin.

DSC01771 (2)

The Original Coffee Scrub  //  Creamy Face Scrub //  Creamy Face Cleanser  //  Body Cream  //  Every Day Face Moisturizer  //  Body Balm //  Lip Scrub and Lip Balm Duo

Check out Frank Body’s line of body products via their website. Also check out the company – it is a motivating entrepreneurial success story and the perfect Instagram to consumer marketing campaign.

Have you tried Frank Body? What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below!

Special thanks to Frank Body for the products featured in this post.

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