MASTER LIST: Coronavirus Quarantine Survival Ideas for a *Fun* Isolation

MASTER LIST: Coronavirus Quarantine Survival Ideas for a *Fun* Isolation

As a person that hates socializing but hates the idea of other people socializing without me even more, I’m loving this whole quarantine thing. Social distancing is sexy: It’s a proven way we can all take action in this time of crisis. I can’t think of a better thing to happen for introverts all over the world. And because I always try to find the silver lining in every situation, I hope this post will help shift your perspective on self-isolation.

Ever wish you could stay home for a day and just catch up with your favorite book?  Or just wish you had a little extra time to clean the linen closet?

Allow this quarantine to be the excuse buster. Time is no longer an issue ’cause you stuck at home, homie.

So I’m jumping on this quarantine bandwagon early to knock things off my to-do list. My goal is to come out of this like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, with glowing skin, a clean apartment, and new skills under my belt.

Coronavirus Quarantine Survival Ideas

Here are some of my favorite ideas to keep busy and sane during quarantine 2020.

Structure Your Day

First and foremost, it’s important to still have structure to your day. Regardless of your situation: work from home, 10 kids, no job, 6 roomies, whatever it is… structure is your bestie.

Having a set schedule for meal times and a set bedtime can help you to stay on track. Planning out activities and setting goals can also help keep you motivated and stop you feeling down.

BONUS POINTS: color coordinating your Google Calendar for an at-home self-care quarantine seems like the perfect way to spend your first day of isolation 😉

Get Some Sunshine

Be like a flower in the morning and drink water, get some fresh air, and soak in the sun. Luckily, my morning routine hasn’t changed since Coronavirus started creating havoc. In addition, having a dog keeps things pretty regulated! Admittedly, Zoey has been the happiest since I started working from home. Multiple walks per day, Zoey snuggles every time I see her, and loads of treats.

Taking her for a walk has also been my saving grace. It helps get me out of the house and loads me up on the natural Vitamin-D needed to boost the immune system. So I wake up each morning and make it a point to be outside for 20 minutes – far away from other humans and dogs.

Clean Your Home

There’s no better time to Marie Kondo your life. I personally love cleaning out my closet in order to make room for items that genuinely excite me. COVID-19 has given us the perfect opportunity to have a sparkling home. It will also provide a nice refuge for bored kids! Get those mini-minions to work to help organize your shoes, pantry and cleaning window sills. Reward them for a job well done once the house is sparkling.

Take all of your once loved items and donate to people in need. This will be especially necessary as many people are losing their jobs due to COVID-19 closures. So dig deep in your closet, drawers and cabinets and clear out the clutter to make room for a new you once this is all said and done.

Home Workouts

I’ve been tracking my quarantine on my FitBit and I can honestly tell you the Versa 2 is forcing me to move! I take a walk around Brickell Key each morning with friends in order to keep my fitness routine on track.

If you can’t make it out of the house, many personal trainers and fitness instructors are offering free Live Instagram Sessions to keep people moving. Check out these Instagram accounts for their daily sessions:

Also check out Obe Fitness and Peloton as they are also offering free trials. Peloton just extended their FREE trial to 90 days! 

If you know of other instructors tag them in the comments and I’ll update this list.

Here’s some items for home workouts I’m loving:

Self-Care Sunday Every Damn Day!

There’s not a great deal any of us can control right now, except caring for one another and ourselves. For those of us who are at home, taking a few moments to reconnect with ourselves can make a big difference in how we feel.

Here are some of my favorite self-care goodies: 

Bath Tub Caddy & White Modern Version
Bamboo Face Towels
Marula Oil
Ice Roller
Sheet Masks – For Face
Eye Gel Mask
Hand Mask
Foot mask
Hair Mask
Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Pick-Up a Side Hustle + Learn A New Skill

There are many companies offering work from home options and many companies are looking for additional labor as people have to take care of loved ones. Here are some websites to check out for gigs:

UpWork – great for freelancers – perfect for part time gigs
Create & Cultivate – gigs and full-time opportunities

If you are someone whose job has been impacted by the quarantine, and you’d like to learn a new skill to enhance your candidacy for a new job then check out:– you can share your knowledge and get paid or learn something new.
LinkedIn Learning
Duolingo– to learn a new language

Maintain Social Contact with a Virtual Book Club

An obvious reason why isolated people may feel low or anxious is that they can’t draw on the support of friends and families to help them deal with the difficult situation and share their worries and concerns. Studies also suggest that without such social support, people may turn to less positive coping strategies, such as [drinking more tequila].

So make it a point to stay in contact with your pals. Reaching out to a friend has been shown to be better for your mental health than having a glass or two of wine in a bid to block out your worries.

What better way to engage and pass time than with our virtual book club. Check out our Brickellista Book Club.

Here’s some picks to get you and your friends started: 

Boost Your Happy 

During self-isolation it may be a good idea to try to improve your immune response. Exercise and getting enough vitamins can help here however psychologists also believe that listening to upbeat music or watching a movie can also boost your immune function.

Let this quarantine be your two week vacation to focus on yourself and your family.

Practice Happy Habits and implement new things you’ve been wanting to try.

My Favorite Podcasts

The Skinny Confidential Podcast 
Cheddar’s Need 2 Know

Check out my full Podcast list here

Hopefully these Coronavirus quarantine survival ideas will keep you sane during your incubation. We can take this time as an opportunity to discover something new about ourselves. And remember, Shakespeare wrote Hamlet and Macbeth during his quarantine during the plague, perhaps this will inspire you to create something beautiful too.  

I know we are all afraid of the changes happening around us, this situation isn’t easy for anyone. So I hope you will see the silver lining and know that time will make us bolder.

Stay safe because you know I would be nothing without you. 

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