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Circuit Training with Julie Wiesman

A new month means a new routine. Last month Alex took us on a belly blast that made giggling hurt so good! This month is our month to love our curves and amplify what our mommas gave us with a routine made for perfecting our booties.  Julie Wiesman is the newest Brickellette to the pack and she is muy caliente in my book. A celebrity trainer and former Miami Heat dancer, she knows how to bring the fire to any workout routine. Julie designed the perfect routine for Brickellista Files to blast our butts for 15 minutes each day. If you can do this sequence each morning before heading to the office you will definitely see results by the end of the month. So pump up your favorite jams and get ready to bootie shake in February. I’ll let Julie take it away! xo ~Ev

Circuit training is one of the best ways to exercise, because you’re constantly mixing it up, changing your body’s movement and alignment, and burning more calories in the process. This is also known as “muscle confusion.”

The four exercises below are meant to be done in a circuit, and then you repeat the entire circuit at least three times, or as many times as you’d like.


julie8STEP IT UP
This step up exercise is great for full leg toning and amplifying the backside.

  1. Place one foot in the center of a stable chair or step and bend both knees for a squat.
  2. As you step up kick the opposite leg out to side, foot flexed.
    20 reps each leg
    *Variation: lifts arms and crunch toward the extended leg. Great for the obliques!



These leg lifts will rock your side glutes and obliques for more defined hips.

  1. Lay on your side with one elbow elbow on the floor, bend the bottom leg, and extend the top leg back on the diagonal.
  2. Flex the foot and lift the leg to hip level, and return to start. Remember to keep the leg behind the pelvis.
  3. Finish with little lifts at the top to really feel the burn!
    20 slow full range of motion reps
    10 quick small reps
    Repeat other leg
    *Variation: try a combo move by lifting the straight leg, then bending bringing the knee towards the body, kicking back out, and lowering. Great for outer hip and pesky ‘saddle bag’ area!



These glute pumps will tone the hamstrings and make your butt Beyonce bootylicious!

  1. Place one heel on the edge of the chair or step and extend the other leg straight up.
  2. Lift the hips as high as you can and return to start.
  3. Arms stay straight pressing into the floor.
    30 reps each leg
    *Variation: try keeping your bootie off the ground the entire exercise. Great for the hamstrings!


You will definitely feel these curtsy lunges in the morning. Great for lifting the backside and giving more definition to the legs.

  1. Start in a standing position feet hips width apart and parallel.
  2. Cross one leg deeply behind on the diagonal and bend both knees, return to standing, and switch legs.
    20 reps each leg alternating side to side.
    *Variation: Add 10 little pulses in the curtsy position, dropping the back knee as low as you can. Then repeat 10 little pulses on the other side. 

Not only will these exercises get you moving towards a better backside, but they are great for boosting your heart rate, metabolism, and calorie burn all together.

Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end, right? So remember, a quick warm-up and cool down/stretch are always recommended to make your workout truly successful. Stay tuned for additional exercises and quick tips to keep your body in Miami shape!

Julie Wiesman
Julie Wiesman

Not only is Julie one of the “Most Elite to Follow in 2016” by StayFit305, but her national credibility stands strong as one of the Top 5 Fitness Instructors in America, as seen on the Live with Kelly & Michael morning show! In addition to barre, boot camp, yoga, cardio, and HIIT classes currently at exhale in downtown Miami, Julie offers a variety of in-home & outdoor training across South Florida. As a former NBA dancer for the NY Knicks and Miami Heat her other specialties include: dance cardio, core circuit training, plyometrics, Pilates, injury rehabilitation, balance therapy, and more. Julie caters to each individual and group uniquely, for a fun, intense, life-changing experience every time you sweat with her. Learn more at

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  1. Ashley
    February 8, 2016 / 11:12 am

    These routines look intense! The models are beautiful as well. How long would this take if I were to do this in the morning? Also where did Julie get her pants I really like them? 🙂

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