Your Iced Latte Might Cost More & Other Worldly News

Your Iced Latte Might Cost More & Other Worldly News

In an effort to keep Miami’s brilliant minds engaged in something else other than themselves. This section is for those that would like to sound smart and impress family and friends alike. Let’s face it, we are probably the most vain city in the world. And as Juan Pablo proved, being smart is sexy, and you’ll get dumped if you are just the latter.


So here it is… your hump day conversation just got a little cooler.


Brazil Business: So it hasn’t rained in Brazil in like a really long time. Which sucks for Adriana Lima because humidity helps keep your skin looking glowy and youthful. Aside from dry skin the more daunting news is that my iced coffee might cost more!! Ugh. Brazil is dry, Niagara Falls is frozen solid…Seriously Mother Nature get your shit together. Read more

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World’s Oldest Woman – Image: Getty

Japan Beauty Secrets: The world’s oldest lady is not only old but she is a chipper little nugget. Her secret to kicking it for 116 years … a life of sushi and naps. Heck yes! She didn’t say anything about tequila which leads me to believe she’s never really lived. There’s still time. Call me – let’s rage. Read more.

U.S. president Barack Obama, Ukraine Ambassador to the United Nations Yuriy Sergeyev, and Russian president Vladimir Putin

Ukraine Crisis: While Olympians from countries across the globe were in Russia competing for the gold, Ukraine was competing to keep its country. The Ukraine crisis started to unravel in late November when Viktor Yanukovych decided he didn’t want to sit at the lunch table with the European Union but instead wanted to get cozy with Russia. If Regina George… I mean┬áPutin gets his way we might be back to the days of the USSR. Read More.

There. Now you can explore the world and impress your boss this morning… You are welcome.

Intellectual Kisses,

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