Cute Outfits To Wear At Home For Work and Play

Outfits to Wear at Home

Alright guys, yes we’re all in quarantine. But no, that does not mean you should wear the pajamas you slept in last night all day long. We’ve all done it. But TRUST ME, getting up and getting dressed is more important than ever right now. Choosing your outfits to wear at home can be fun. I’m not saying you should get all dolled up like you’re going out clubbing or to work. But getting somewhat dressed can feel good. Putting an outfit together sets the tone for your day. You’ll feel less gross and stagnant. We all need something to help us feel a bit more normal during this time. Getting dressed for the day can definitely do that for you.

Plus, if you’re bored and looking for things to do at home during quarantine, playing with your closet can be fun! So try rummaging through your wardrobe, you may make some outfit magic happen. And lets face it, shopping is pretty fun too & there are some amazing sales happening right now. So below are a few of my favorite outfits to wear at home right now. Pajamas and loungewear totally acceptable.

My Current Favorite Outfits to Wear at Home

Tie Dye Pullover and Bike Shorts

Comfy and trendy, this tie dye set is perfect for a whole day of lounging and looking cute. Tie dye is everywhere right now and I’m loving it. It’s just the right amount of casual and trendy. If you’re going to wear a set, might as well be something a little different so you feel more stylish right now.

Waffle Knit Sets

Another breakout star in quarantine fashion are waffle knit sets. They’re so comfy and honestly super flattering. They’re cozy and a lot like sweatpants, except they’re not as relaxed looking so you feel dressed up. They typically come in neutral colors, which for some reason just feel calming and cozy. I am into it.

Bright High Waisted Leggings and Matching Crop Top

I’m not going full cropped right now because well, quarantine diet. But I am trying to wear more form fitting clothes just so I don’t feel the need to eat 17 pizzas daily. Wearing form fitting clothes is great for inspiring you to eat healthy. This outfit is comfy and perfect for whatever you are doing at home. Whether it’s working, or lounging, you’re good to go.Add a little color to your quarantine blues with neon and bold colors. It’s a fun way to spice up your workout gear and add pizzaz to your Zoom calls. I’m personally loving Beyond Yoga and their ultra soft and cozy leggings.

Cozy Chic Robe

Yep, bust out the robe. But don’t just throw it over because you’re too lazy to put on clothes. If you’re going to wear a robe during the day, style it. What you wear under your robe matters. Try a tight tank top with leggings or sweatpants. Or even joggers would be cute. You can totally wear shorts or a slip if you’re feeling the sleep chic vibes. You’ll be staying home all day long, so it’s totally okay to wear sleepwear as long as you didn’t actually sleep in it. I personally love this outfit for a morning coffee on my patio, or for answering emails.

Stylish Pajama Sets

Like I said, you can wear pajamas as long as you’re not wearing the same pair for three days straight, And if you’re going to wear pajamas, make them cute! None of that 5 year old gym shorts & worn out t-shirt nonsense. Upgrade your pajamas and get a few that you really love. If you like the feel of them, silk pajamas totally feel like sleepwear upgraded. There’s something about them that just feels like you’re doing something extra, and less like you’re in pajamas if you know what I mean.

All Things Athleisure

You had to know this one was coming. Honestly, is there a single girl in quarantine right now not wearing workout clothes? Obviously athleisure is perfect for the days you plan to workout at some point. Getting up and throwing on your workout clothes will inspire you to workout, plus they’re comfy. But put some effort into your athleisure outfit even if you’re dressing up at home. Make sure you match, or are wearing a set that goes together. Again, none of that worn out old t-shirt and old washed too many times leggings. Feel good in your athleisure.

Lounge Jumpsuit

I’m loving loungewear jumpsuits. They’re super comfortable, cute, and SO soft.. These are great for the days you have a conference call, need to feel or look a little bit more professional. Or even if you’re just having a date night with your significant other at home. They’re a little more put together so save these for your important days.

Slinky Cardigan

A cute, slinky cardigan is perfect to wear over a shirt or blouse. It’s easy, casual, and can honestly be worn with anything. Just throw it on and off you go to your teleconference or sofa for Netflix binging. Take it on or off as you get cold or hot through out the day.


What Are You Wearing At Home?

Hopefully these outfits gave you a few ideas for things to wear at home and feel good about getting dressed everyday. Like I said, you don’t need to go over the top and get too dressed up. Just put a little effort into it so you feel good. If you want to step it up even more, do your hair. Wash your face and give your skincare routine some love. You can always put on a little make up too if you’re feeling it.

Also, what are your favorite outfits to wear at home right now? Anything you’re wearing on repeat? I’ve personally been rotating through the above. Trust me, getting up and getting dressed does wonders for how you feel during Quarantine. So try it! Get up and get dressed for the day.


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