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This year my resolution is to kick start my mornings with a belly blast. Whether or not I make it to the gym – 7 days a week I’ll be targeting my belly.  Luckily my friend Alex from Exhale in Downtown Miami has just the ticket to help blast my holiday splurges (and jiggly parts) back to nice toned abs. She put together this amazing sequence which will be a great addition to anyone’s workout routine. It takes only 15 minutes and the results will have you feeling like a happy little clam. She’s the newest Brickellette to the pack and I couldn’t be more thrilled to kick off 2016 with Alex. I’ll let her take it away! xo ~Ev

For a flat belly, first you need to build a strong core. Your abs are made of multiple muscles that wrap around your torso. It’s important to not only work the front area, but also stimulate the oblique and back muscles to create a leaner look. So grab a mat or towel and let’s get started!

Exhale’s Signature Curl

(Strengthens the abdominal wall consisting of rectus, obliques, and tranversalis to create flat and toned tummy)

How to:

  1. Sit on a mat, and make a C-curve with your back: press your lower back into the floor while keeping your shoulder blades off of the floor. This position activates the abdominals creating stabilization. You can then add arm and leg movements (around this stabilized position).
  2. Lift one arm for 10 seconds. Then the other.
  3. Lift both arms for 10 seconds.
  4. Sit up, roll your shoulders and do it again.
  5. Do 10 repetitions


Russian twists with a core ball

(Works abdominal wall, oblique muscles, arms)


How to:

  1. Seated on a mat, core ball at chest, elbows bent, knees bent into chest feet off floor
  2. Extend core ball chest height arms straight and legs straight while rolling lower back to floor stopping at waist shoulder blades and legs off floorDSC01680 (2)
  3. Return back to starting position
  4. Add oblique twist to starting position (opposite elbow to opposite knee)
  5. Repeat 10 times.

If you don’t have a core ball at home pick up a dumbell or use a heavy object around your home.


Alex5Results: These moves can give you the tightest, leanest six-pack you never thought possible! As you gradually build, you can add more repetitions or a heavier weights. Stay tuned for more updates as I whip the Brickellista into shape in 2016!




Alex Shepherd
Alex Shepherd

As exhale Downtown Miami’s Mind Body Manager, Alexandra teaches informative and transformative Core Fusion and yoga classes backed by inspiring playlists to keep you motivated to create change! As an actress and dancer, Alexandra knows the importance of one’s appearance and overall health. Her classes will help you achieve your ideal physique and create lasting health.

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