Restaurant Opening (and Closing) Prost Wurstgrill & Bierhouse

Restaurant Opening (and Closing)  Prost Wurstgrill & Bierhouse

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Chef Phil Bryant does it again. A slam dunk, well… German style! I’m so excited that he collaborated with the Brickell Bier Garden bro Michael Sponaugle to create the cozy yet trendy spot, Prost Wurstgrill & Bierhouse. Brickell has been craving a spot like this for years.

Prost in in German means “cheers” and it is a salutation often accompanied by beer.  This week local foodies joined to toast Prost and sample a private tasting of their menu. Their menu which revolves around the wurst sausage will make custom wurst sausages daily with their own sausage machine in the kitchen.20140801-001934-1174457.jpg

A little side note on the Brickellista – I studied in Germany and more specifically in a small town where wurst is the best. So, I’m particular about my sausage (I can hear the “that’s what she said” jokes from my friends now). Did the sausage strike my fancy?! Yes. It did. Below are my favorite dishes… in no particular order.

The Flatbread 

Made with Sweet Peppers, Cabbage, Onion Confit, Appenzeller cheese, olive oil & sea salt. The sweetness of the veggies paired with the gooey salty cheese was perfection. The bread is also soft but with crispy edges… just the way I like it!

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This original “Thuringer” style sausage is made with Southeast Family Farms pork, topped with mustard, and Prost Sauerkraut. Can I take a jar of this saurkraut home? Seriously. I need it.

Whole Hog Sausage

Self explanatory…  and delicious.

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Cod + Potato

Salt Cod, potato, made with roasted garlic and topped with house-made creme fraiche, smoked caviar and a potato chip garnish. It is a heavenly teeny tiny mouthgasm

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The German mojito is made with mint, elderberry and champagne


So there you have it, the Prost sausage party! Make sure you greet your new neighbors and share a brewski, after all it’s the polite thing to do.


UPDATE: PROST has been closed until further notice. 

Wurst Kisses,



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