Sharleen is a Candid Bitch and We Should be Besties!

Sharleen is a Candid Bitch and We Should be Besties!
Sharleen looking like a true Brickellette. Photo: Andrea Joynt Source: OperaFresh Blog

Oh Sharleen. You did it again. You swooned me. When we first met I thought you were a boring and a potential crazy person. I didn’t like you. Seriously. You were the Nicole to my Paris circa 2005. But then you surprised me… And you won my heart by doing what I would have done after the first, “it’s okay;” you left the show. By saying adios to Juan Pablo, you said hello to America and to my band of bitches.

You didn’t feed into the Bachelor game because you have respect for yourself. You also know when to walk away the moment something isn’t right for you. Thats’s called pride.

Last night at the final rose ceremony, you got the final rose from me and my gal pals. Juan Pablo was patronizing to Clare, and you called it out. You reminded girls all over Bachelor nation that your gut instinct doesn’t lie and to trust yourself. Clare should have walked away, but listen, we’ve all been there with rose colored glasses. Who can blame her – Juan Pablo is a charmer at best.

Sharleen politely telling JP “You are so attractive, please stop speaking”

I knew Juan Pablo was going to end up with Nikki. She understood his character and accepted him without judgement. She is used to dealing with children and is patient. He needs both of those qualities, and more importantly, she gave him what he needed without losing herself. That’s love. 

But Sharleen you came out on top as the true winner of the Bachelor. My band of bitches will accept you with open arms and an open bottle of vino. We should rage together at like a symphony or something classy. You are one candid and politely bitchy girl. And I appreciate that. Very mucho.

Bestie hugs,

Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres

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