Survival Guide for Super Bowl XLIX + Sexiest Players

Survival Guide for Super Bowl XLIX  + Sexiest Players

Ah yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – Super Bowl weekend is upon us and there is nothing I love more than a bunch of hunks in spandex pants squatting around a field playing the manliest game in America. Hubba hubba. When football season embarks, I line up my Fantasy team strictly based on the hottest players. While my team rarely wins – I can assure you they look oh-so-fine losing. Since Super Bowl 2015 is this Sunday, I am providing my top hunk picks and some gnarly football stats so you too can be football savvy at your Super Bowl fiesta. If you are looking for ideas on what to wear for the big game, or recipes, check out my other posts!

New England Patriots tom-brady-2


Quarterback · 12

Yesterday ESPN confirmed that Tom Brady is battling a cold. While this bro needs no introduction, his moves on the field are starting to dwindle, and soon he might only be known  as Gisele’s buffer half.  Cold or no cold, all eyes will be on his game this Sunday. Can he lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl win? The odds are against him as Russell Wilson is one of the fiercest QBs in the league. Wilson, did not make MY list, but he has won more regular-season games (36) in his first three years than any quarterback dead or alive. Doesn’t get fiercer than that. Regardless, Tom has his looks and will always be the main reason ladies started gaping and paying attention to football. Don’t worry sunshine – you made my list and Russell didn’t – that should count for something, right?



Wide Receiver · 80

Amendola looks hot in a hoodie and even hotter in a suit, but it’s his swagger on the field that is all the buzz.  Amendola had five catches for 81 yards and two touchdowns during the January 10th playoff game against the Ravens. The 35-31 win landmarked his status with the Patriots after playing a meek season. When the Patriots needed him most he brought his A-game… and we are so glad he did because who doesn’t love a straight-A athlete.


Defensive End · 95

Chandler comes from a Champion line of brothers. Both Art, Indianapolis Colts, and Jon, UFC Heavyweight Champion, have instilled in their youngest brother what it takes to win. Chandler is a recent draft to the Patriots and will face his first Super Bowl this Sunday. Why did he make my list? Well aside from his beefy bod, Chandler is not only an aggressive player, but also an aggressive dancer. He is known for his ‘Sack Dance’ and a guy with moves always tops my list.


Backup Quarterback · 10

This 23 year old Patriots newbie might be the ticket to a Super Bowl Win this year. According to a CBS Boston article, the Patriots have Jimmy imitating Russel Wilson, Seahawks Quarterback, in this week’s practice. A crucial role for this young buck as Wilson is an aggressive athelete and one of the most admired QBs in the league. This hunk is rumored to replace Tom Brady in the not too distant future. Will Gisele trade in her QB for a newer model? Only time will tell.  Regardless Jimmy is the guy to keep an eye on this Super Bowl and since he is easy on the eyes, it wont be too difficult.

Seattle Seahawks


Tight End · 84

If I could I have football title it would be Tight End, seriously you could never go wrong with a title like that. Cooper Helfet is the Seahwks reserve Tight End and captures the title in every interpretation. When he’s not in uniform, he’s branching out in another direction – as a model. Who cares about his stats when he looks adorable holding a Frenchie.


Wide Receiver  · 89

Brains and beauty never fail me and Doug Baldwin is a smarty pants drafted from Stanford University. Baldwin is in charge of catching QB Wilson’s throws which was an adjustment since the QB throws a football like a baseball. Regardless, Baldwin caught six of nine targets for a team-high during the NFC Championship Game on Sunday January 18th. He is sexy, smart, and goes with the flow… sounds like the perfect boo for me.


Luke Willson might be considered Russell Wilson’s better half during this Super Bowl. This steamy Canadian Bacon is bringing home… the Canadian Bacon and proving himself as an all-star athlete. In Willson’s last five games he had 11 catches, 250 yards, and 3 touchdowns not bad for a guy that is sitting on top of a breakout year.


Cornerback · 25

What does a cornerback do? Who cares when he looks like Busta Rhymes! Richard Sherman could double for my favorite rapper and that gives him enough swag to top my list. This football hottie is also a soon to be daddy with his preggers girlfriend due in less than a week. Could we see a Super Bowl Baby this Sunday too? Only time will tell!

So who do I think will win the Super Bowl? My choice would be the Patriots, I’ve always been a Brady fan! But the odds are against them and the Seahawks are a stronger team!  Looking for more Super Bowl Fun? Check out my Pinterest & Instagram Pages for more inspiration!

Tight End Kisses,


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