Swiping for Meet Cute in Miami

Dating in Miami from a Woman's Perspective Advice on Meeting Men Locally

The new Q&A section is a hot tamale on the blog! And it’s exciting to hear from all of you.

I’ve received so many questions! For those questions which fall in the same category I am sharing with all of you with the permission of the individual writing in, of course.

Hopefully it help you navigate an obstacle in your life or provides a new perspective.

Read below for Swiping for Meet Cute.


Dear Brickellista,

First of all, you’re really funny and you need to do more YouTube videos because your Instastories are hysterical. But enough about you back to me (that’s something you would say btw.) I hope you write my question on the blog or at least write back to me!!

Last time you wrote about the GIRLS in Miami to Mr. Humble and Bumble guy. Is he hot? Do you know if he’s still single? Hook me up! Just kidding. But what about the guys? I’ve been dating here for what feels like decades, o.k like 5 years, but still! Can you give the ladies some advice? I’m tired of guys here, they [are] awful and seriously shady.

I’ve seen you walking in Brickell with your cute dog. I’ll say hi next time so this doesn’t sound as creepy as it probably does.

Swiping for Meet Cute

Dating in Miami from a Woman's Perspective Advice on Meeting Men Locally

The Perfect Straw Tote (fits a laptop!) // White Linen Pants (these are great too!) // Yellow Shoes // Top Ask for leaf pattern! (similar)


Dear Swiping for Meet Cute, 

Dreams really do come true. Your question made it on the blog and I’ve been creating new YouTube content (subscribe please!) I’m like your fairy godmother only with tequila in hand… not a magic wand.

So… you say you want to meet Mister Right… in this case Humble and Bumbling. After his email made a cameo on the blog, many women asked about him. I’m not a match maker, and this Q&A is anonymous, so I shall take the information I know to the grave.

Circle of trust here. 

Let’s focus on the advice you seek, shall we?

I know there are shady guys out there. I briefly dated one that… well let’s just say Karma’s a bitch and where he ended up (and with whom) certainly showcased that I ended up with all the luck on my side. So don’t worry about people throwing shade, they’re usually ridiculously insecure and aren’t worth your energy!

Look at the guys you’re selecting. Do you see a pattern? If so, figure out why you pick them and stop picking them. Date guys you normally wouldn’t.

My philosophy on dating has always been this: go on a date as if you’re going to network – it’s just another human being you’re meeting.

Brickellista Dating 101. 

  • Don’t think about the guy being your future husband. It’s a lot of pressure on both of you.
  • Just go. Chill. Have fun. And have a back up plan with a friend.
  • Meet for an hour – anyone can handle an hour. Hopefully there are bar snacks – I love bar snacks.
  • If the guy is cool and there’s chemistry – go on another date (without expectations).
  • If not, think of it as a potential business connection.
  • Or maybe this guy has cool pals!
  • Or maybe he could be your bestie’s potential husband!
  • In the end just try to make it positive in your head.
  • He’s freaking out too (trust me I get the emails from dudes too!)

Most importantly, stop thinking every guy is going to disappoint you because with that mentality, they will.

98% of the time people are cool and normal. I’ve been on dates that introduced me to some of my favorite gals! Some guys have also become great business connections. The shady guys, guess where they are? Nowhere near me! They don’t deserve my presence. And they don’t deserve yours. Hang in there doll you’ll meet your penguin soon.

And definitely say hi next time. I hear I’m quite lovely once you get to know me.

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