The Best Home Decor Items for Gifting

The Best Home Decor Items for Gifting

I’m always looking for new home decor items because I enjoy nesting in my home. Most of my friends are in similar situations so when it comes time for birthdays or the holidays, we usually exchange home decor gifts. Trying to find the ideal present for someone, even if you know them well, is difficult, and the entire experience of trying to locate the perfect gift for a special occasion becomes much more problematic than it ever needs to be.  

Home décor can usually check all of the boxes, so often this is a good place to start your search when you want to buy a gift for someone. In many cases, this is also the place where you’ll end your search, as you’re sure to find something that’s just right. Today I am sharing some of my favorite home decor items I am coveting. 

The Best Home Decor Items for Gifting

Attractive Storage 

Who doesn’t need more storage in their home? No one ever seems to feel they have enough, so giving a loved one or friend some extra storage will always be appreciated. This might initially seem like a boring gift, and also a tricky one; after all, how can you add more storage space to someone’s house?

All is revealed when you realize that there are some excellent examples of storage baskets from Country Road homewares. These baskets look attractive and elegant and will seamlessly integrate with the style your loved one has in their home. They can be used for storing toys, magazines, blankets, books, or just about anything else. So not only do they look good, they’re practical too. A gift that solves a problem and does so in a stylish way is always a good choice. 


Glassware encompasses everything from tumblers to champagne flutes. You can buy a selection of various types of glasses, or you can stick to one specific type, such as whiskey glasses or wine glasses, for example.  

The great thing about glassware is that it comes in a wide variety of styles which means not only will you be able to find something that your recipient is going to love, but you’ll find something that works for your budget as well. 

Everyone likes to receive glassware, whether it’s the kind they’ll use every day or something that is best saved for special occasions. In either case, it’s a useful gift that a lot of people don’t think about buying for themselves.  


Gifting scent is a great way to cozy up someone’s home. I personally love gifting TAJA Candles because you can customize the candle base, lid, and the scent. The best part is that after the candle wax has fully melted you can reuse the base as a vase for fresh floral or as desktop storage containers. It’s truly personal and makes for a great gift. 

A Doormat

A doormat can be a fun gift to give, and it’s especially great if you’re buying a housewarming gift, as it is an item that can really mark out a home as someone’s own. Not only are doormats practical because they help to keep dirt outside rather than having it brought into the house on people’s shoes, but there are thousands of different designs to choose from. You can even design your own and have it made.  

There are heart-warming designs, funny ones, patterns, or bright colors, so it won’t matter what your recipient is into or how they want to design their home, there will be a doormat to suit them (plus it’s an unusual gift, so it’s unlikely anyone else will have the same idea).

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