The Top 4 Popular Consumer Trends in Miami

When it comes to keeping their finger on the pulse of new trends and ways of life, Miamians are often at the forefront of change and technology and lead the way when it comes to fashion trends. While consumer spending appeared to be down in late 2022, data has shown that Miami natives are adopting trends, embracing hot topics, and generally pushing forward new technology and ideas.

So what are the top consumer trends Miami is seeing of late? Read on to find out more.

Lab Grown Diamonds

The lab-grown diamond market has been steadily growing in popularity recently. In 2020 the lab grown diamond market was worth $1.6 billion. The US, in general, is the largest consumer of manufactured gems, and Miami has seen a surge in popularity for ethically made gemstones, particularly diamonds. To jump on this trend, you need to know the best place to buy lab grown diamonds to ensure you are getting only the best quality stones.

Electric Transportation

Keeping with the theme of sustainability, Miami has seen electric transportation become increasingly popular in recent years, primarily due to the advancement of technology, meaning electric vehicles can go further and provide a more comfortable drive, but partly due to the increased awareness of how one’s actions affect the world around them. The state of Florida as a whole ranks high for electric vehicles; second in the country, Miami is the only metro area to break the top 10 in national rankings. This means increasingly, Maimians are getting on board with the electric vehicle trend and embracing technological advances.

Sustainable Shopping

Miami has been ranked as the fifth greenest city in America. Miami is also one of 100 resilient cities, meaning it is prospering for change and becoming resilient to social, economic, and physical changes. While the City of Miami is rolling out initiatives affecting everyone in the viscinity, this is supported by residents who are embracing sustainable changes and are committed to reducing their impact on the world.

Wellness Lifestyles and Healthy Living

Miami is rated as one of the top 10 healthiest cities to live in the US. Miamians are known for their commitment to health; however, in recent years, people have taken a more holistic approach to their health and wellness to give them a better quality of life not just focusing on their physical health. People of Miami are embracing physical exercise, wellness approaches, healthy lifestyles and diets, and a better overall work-life balance to ensure they are nourishing their bodies and mind. As far as trends go, this has been ongoing for a while. However, new fitness and wellness trends and the recent focus on mental health have pushed people to increase their efforts to sustain good health and fitness.


Known for its beautiful sandy white beaches and expansive coastlines, Miami also has a reputation for its best nightlife scene and strong beach body vibe. As such, those living in Miami are on top of new and emerging health, wellness, retail, business, and more trends to help them achieve a better quality of life and ensure they live life to the fullest.


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