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Cinco de Mayo is mañana and for those of you who don’t know what this day celebrates – don’t worry because 90% of Mexicans are also in the dark! What really matters is that Cinco is a national holiday in ‘Merica. In honor of our neighboring country, we should fiesta on this victorious day properly, exactly like the Mexican Army did on May 5th 1862 in Puebla, Mexico… with tacos, margaritas, and sombreros.

My friends and I took a WhatsApp vow to eat tacos everyday this week to honor General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín, and his leadership to kick the French Army’s ass on the fifth of Mayo. Without General Seguin, tacos would probably be filled with foie gras and escargot, and that my friends, a taco does not make. And while Mexicans forget about this important day… Americans realize how appalling a French taco would taste and properly honor the soldiers who defended our right to guacamole. My friends and I are just doing our civic duty.

Want in on this splendor? I know you do… read on for my top spots for tacos in the M.I.A.

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One of the original taco spots on Miami Beach, Huahuas has been pleasing crowds since 2012. Haven’s executive chef Todd Erickson and owner Mike Boles brought the taqueria concept to Lincoln Road and started the booming trend. Why it’s my favorite spot? The frozen strawberry margarita sold me instantly, but the Fried Chicken taco made with  jalapeño cornbread, cabbage, topped with an ancho ranch sauce keeps me coming back.

Photo c/o Abbey

Naked Taco

More than just a taqueria, Naked Taco is the health nut’s dream taco spot. The menu has a vast selection of dishes, but what they are famous for is their signature lettuce wrap which can be substituted on any taco. Since I prefer the full fat/ carb experience I didn’t have a photo of this, so you will just have to imagine that the taco above has the aforementioned wrap. My go to order is the Lobster Taco with the “Some Like it Hot” margarita. The rita is made with reposado tequila, passion fruit puree infused with jalapeño and lime. I get it spicy… because I’m a spicy señorita.

Taqueria el Carnal

BYOB is allowed here and apparently a few other rules are meant to be broken… like tounge tacos! What?! This taqueria is hands down authentic Mexican street tacos, and for $2.00 a pop (all day!) who can resist ordering the whole menu.  My favorite picks are the classics, the slow-marinated carne asada and the pineapple-grilled pork al pastor. They are all served in corn tortillas with an assortment of delicious sauces. My only wish is that they would serve booze… maybe it would give me the liquid courage to try the tounge tacos!

Photo c/o Abbey
Photo c/o Abbey


My favorite happy hour on the beach is hands down Bodega. I wrote about Bodega in one of my pieces for The Club for British Airways. I absolutely love this place and can’t get enough of the $2.00 taco happy hour. At night the locals know this is the spot to be seen, but the real locals huddle over the discounted tacos and craft cocktails until 8pm. My poison of choice at Bodega, the Shrimp Po Boy taco paired with the spicy Don Diablo cocktail… it will make your lips tingly.

Did I miss your favorite taco spot? Leave a comment below. Xo ~ Ev

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