The Top Mexican Style Brunch + Lunch Spots in Miami

The Top Mexican Style Brunch + Lunch Spots in Miami

Nursing a champagne hangover with delicious Mexican food has been a tradition since the Mayans invented their calendar, so clearly a hearty Mexican brunch is the only way to nurse weekend warriors back to health. Each weekend I try to find a few new spots to bring my friends and I back to life. My epic quest for great “South of the Border” brunches in Miami has been a journey not for the weary at heart. And, while Miami has seen an influx of tacos stands, only a few spots can deliver the right remedies to revive you and your Mariachi band of friends. So I put together my top spots for my weekend warrior readers… in no particular order.

 The Top Mexican Style Brunch + Lunch Spots in MiamiCOYO TACO

This taco stand quickly became one of my top spots because they aim to deliver Mexican street food with an authentic twist and wait for it… CORN TORTILLAS! For all of you on a gluten free diet – this is your lucky place. So for my (late) afternoon brunches I will crawl over to Coyo Taco and order a few tacos with a corn tortilla and of course guacamole… because we all need our veggies.

The Top Mexican Style Brunch + Lunch Spots in Miami  WHISK GOURMET

Order the Juevos Rancheros seriously #doit! This gluten free delicious tower of love includes 2 fried eggs, jasmine rice, refried beans, crispy tortilla, avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro & adobo cream. Try saying that three times fast. Daniela and I recently went to Whisk after her extreme Pilates class at Nu Studio. She kicked my butt in class and I clearly needed to eat healthy afterwards because she was watching. Enter Whisk… actually we entered Whisk. Since then, it has become one of my top spots for brunching… and of course, with a little Ole!

The Top Mexican Style Brunch + Lunch Spots in Miami  CANTINA LA VIENTE

I am no stranger to this place in fact I wrote about Cantina La Viente on my favorite outdoor brunch spots article. What I love about this spot is that the food is consistent. The service is a little meh, but it’s Miami what can you do?! They have a full menu of dishes that will surely satisfy any Speedy Gonzalez.

The Top Mexican Style Brunch + Lunch Spots in Miami


The newest kid to call Downtown Miami it’s home is Burrito San. Their concept is East meets Fresh, which is perfect when you indulged a little too much the night before and need to reset for the following week. My favorite is the Mt. Fuji Burrito filled with raw Sashimi tuna, avocado, crunchy wontons, masago caviar, cucumber pickles, organic field greens, scallion, and a tangy mango sauce. It’s light and refreshing, yet filling enough to soak in last night’s sins.



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