Toro Toro Miami

Toro Toro Miami

Inside the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami is a hidden gem called Toro Toro. Usually I am a little reluctant to try restaurants inside hotels because I think they are mainstream. It’s the hipster in me. I am in no sense a ‘foodie’ but I am really fucking opinionated and picky when it comes to food. So when I received the invitation for a Chef’s Tasting dinner my curiosity peaked. The menu is diverse and the Chef Richard Sandoval concept was brought over from Dubai where the cuisine is unlike any other place I’ve visited. I was sold.

I called Foodie Betch and she was immediately down to be my date and to gossip the night away. Foodie Betch and I are skinny little things, but we both pride ourselves in our ability to eat until we are in a #foodcoma. So a Chef’s Tasting is totally up our alley. Bring it Toro Toro! Here were our top favorite dishes and the reasons why we loved them.

Ceviche de Leche
Arroz Chaufa
AHUMADO 13 Toro Toro.jpg










CEVICHE DE LECHE –  Ceviche is like the ultimate skinny girl food and Toro Toro’s grilled shellfish ceviche is drowned in the most delicious leche de tigre. I would bathe in it if I could. Hands down a must order.

GROUND LAMB ANTICUCHO SKEWERS – This is my favorite dish. After my stay in Dubai I became a lamb-addict (clinical term) and this dish brought great memories of my time there. Don’t you love it when food does that?! The garlic-yogurt sauce and pickled cucumbers balanced the mint and the spices in the lamb. The dish and unique presentation were the highlight of the table. 

ARROZ CHAUFA – This was hands down the most surprising dish of the night. I am a sucker for fried rice and Foodie Betch was meh about my excitement for it, but she was sold after her first bite. The dish is a mouthwatering fried rice with chicken, chorizo, and steak. Triple threat. What really makes this dish pop is the oyster sauce they use while cooking the rice. I’m pretty sure Foodie Betch purchased oyster sauce immediately after our tasting.

Achiote BBQ Salmon
Chipotle Miso Chilean Sea Bass
Crispy Shrimp










ACHIOTE BBQ SALMON  –  We were both pretty curious about the salmon when investigating the menu. It is made with bacon, so clearly our inner fat girls were excited. The dish looks like a work of art and it’s unlike any salmon I’ve tried. The achiote ponzu sauce is elegant and does not over power the salmon.

CHIPOTLE MISO CHILEAN SEA BASS – Yes. Yes. Yes! This Sea Bass gave both of us a mini mouthgasm. The kabayaki sauce creates a sweet glaze and togarashi gives a nice kick to the dish. I would rather serve this with bok choy instead of asparagus. I really wanted bok choy to soak up the tasty sauce.

CRISPY SHRIMP – typically I tell people to steer away from anything crispy or fried on a menu. A girl has to watch her figure after all, but this is an exception. The shrimp is lightly breaded and the sweet chile sauce is almost fruitty.

Machu Picchu

But what would you order if you are strictly on a liquid diet?  My favorite drink was the Machi Picchu made with Pisco 100 and St. Germain with a kick of jalapeño. It was so yummy and easy to drink a few.  The Ahumado is a spicy jalapeño ice-cube surrounded by a sweet blend of Mezcal Vida and Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur. As the ice-cube melts the cocktail changes in intensity. It’s spicy and sweet – just like me. 

Gluttony is a subtle temptress and Toro Toro ensured we were immobilized dish after dish. The staff was the most hospitable group and that isn’t just because we are their guests – we watched as every table was uniquely catered to.

 We will be back – entourage en tow. 

Pan Latin Kisses,




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  1. Katie
    March 31, 2014 / 3:14 pm

    Toro Toro is a keeper. The photos and the writing make it a must to visit. I can even taste it! Great article! ~~Katie

    • Evelyn Torres September 18, 2014 / 2:12 pm

      Thank you for reading Katie! I appreciate your kudos 🙂

  2. Katie
    March 31, 2014 / 1:58 pm

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