Total Body Resolution

Total Body Resolution

The word Resolution has gotten an eye-rolling rap these days when it comes to exercise. You know you need to shake things up, but aren’t exactly sure how? I’m here to help guide your at-home fitness journey, and make it FUN in the process. It’s time to awaken your mind, body, and spirit – literally!

If you haven’t jumpstarted your 2017 metabolism yet, grab a yoga mat and two small towels. Turn on your favorite up-tempo jams, and turn them UP. Then try my five favorite body blasting, fat burning, and muscle toning moves of this month. Always remember that a five minute pre-stretch + deep breathing is great to do before your workout, and a five minute post-stretch cool down is absolutely necessary afterwards.

REPEAT this entire series 3-4 times, and call me if you’re not sweating. ☺


IMG_0694Jumping Burpees with Body Push

10 reps
Feet hip width apart, jump straight up, squat hands down, jump or step quickly to plank, lower entire body to the floor, press back up, and jump or step back to squat.
Instead of lowering the body to the floor, try a true pushup with the hands wide apart for more upper body tonight!

IMG_0698IMG_0699IMG_0701IMG_0703Tricep Pushup with Ab Crunch

8 reps each leg
Hands directly under the shoulders, extend and lift one leg back, send body weight forward lowering chin and chest towards the floor, press back up rounding the back, drawing knee to the chest.
Try elevating the leg higher as you lower into the pushup, for more glute engagement!

IMG_0705Wall Sit with Knee Taps

30 seconds stillness, 30 seconds knee taps
Flat back against the wall, drop hips to knee level, hold 1 minute, adding inner thigh knee taps for the final 30 seconds.
Try heels off the floor for an extra sexy calf boost!

IMG_0709IMG_0707Single Leg Towel Lunges

12 reps each leg
With a flat back slide Right Leg directly to the side, come back to center reaching up, then slide same leg directly back, come center. That’s 1 set.
Try lifting off your standing heel when you come back to center for more intensity!


IMG_0715Oblique Towel Twists

20 reps
Alternate bringing one knee to the chest, then twisting and extending the leg directly across.

For best results, try twisting and extending the leg at a true 90 degree angle, and avoid dropping the knees the entire set!

Julie Wiesman
Julie Wiesman

Not only is Julie one of the “Most Elite to Follow in 2016” by StayFit305, but her national credibility stands strong as one of the Top 5 Fitness Instructors in America, as seen on the Live with Kelly & Michael morning show! In addition to barre, boot camp, yoga, cardio, and HIIT classes currently at exhale in downtown Miami, Julie offers a variety of in-home & outdoor training across South Florida. As a former NBA dancer for the NY Knicks and Miami Heat her other specialties include: dance cardio, core circuit training, plyometrics, Pilates, injury rehabilitation, balance therapy, and more. Julie caters to each individual and group uniquely, for a fun, intense, life-changing experience every time you sweat with her. Learn more at

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