Miami Travel Essentials for Summertime Fun!

Travel Essentials Necessary for Anyone Visiting a Beach for Work or Play

Summertime means travel time! I love jetting away from Miami this time of year because it is muy caliente here. For me escaping doesn’t mean an extravagant vacation. Sometimes a staycation like popping north to Delray will do the trick!

Other times, I’m in another state working away which means a different type of packing. Suits and blazers replace itty bitty bikinis.

Regardless of the vacation style or destination city, there are a few essentials that are absolutely necessary for survival. So, whether you are jetting on a work trip or a vacationer with an eye for mojitos and South Beach, I’ve got your packing list covered!

Miami Travel Essentials for Summertime Fun!

Let’s Talk Luggage 

Listen, I love a good carry on bag, but some trips, especially work trips, require a little more storage than the norm. For me staying organized is key to ensuring sanity while traveling. Enter JOY Luggage the best luggage I’ve traveled with to date.

I am obsessed with the three drawer compartments in their Extra Large Dresser, which keeps outfits organized and wrinkle free.

I also love traveling with the JOY Rich Leather Weekenderwhich has wheels and a handle so it’s easy to roll. The Leather Weekender is also compact so you can carry like a regular duffle bag.

Like all things Brickellista, the luggage is chic and elegant. I also selected a beautiful Cognac color which screams couture. I recently went on a bachelorette trip and all of the girls were coveting my luggage! This is the BEST investment you’ll make for your adventures.

Check out the selection of JOY Luggage via HSN.


Hotel irons are often dirty and crippled with use. So I like to travel with my JOY Luggage steamer, which is powerful and compact. It heats quickly and fits inside a handbag! Perfect for work trips or even keeping in your car in case of a wrinkle emergency.

You guys also know I’m always on the go and this little steamer keeps my clothes looking impeccable and tidy. Long are the days of walking around like a sack of potatoes.

Silk Me Up Buttercup! 

There’s something about silk that makes traveling so luxurious. I am OBSESSED with Brave Era’s line of silk products. Their eye mask is divine and also comes in a mini travel pouch. Confession: I use the eye mast sans travel and every night. It’s perfect for keeping eye wrinkles at bay!

My favorite is their silk travel sheet and pillow case. You guys also KNOW I love my silk pillow cases to help with bed head and face wrinkles. Brave Era makes it easy to travel with a silk as their convenient packaging is smaller than an iPhone!

Pill Boxes

How cute is this grapefruit shaped pill box?! I love it!

It has seven compartments and the best part is they come in a pack of three. Lime, Orange and Grapefruit. So perfect for summer!!

I love to place my vitamins in one box, and use the other two boxes for necklaces and jewelry so they won’t tangle while traveling.

packing list

Watermelon Mask

Flying dries me up like a cute little prune. No such thing right? Exactly! So combat the skin dehydration with a mask built to seep moisture into the skin.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask is PERFECT for travel and it comes in a convenient travel size so you can travel with ease. Cover your face prior to take-off and once you land, your skin will feel baby smooth. Not to mention it smells like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher!


Hotel rooms are small and there’s often one bathroom. If you are traveling with your S.O or a bestie it’s crucial to save the relationship by ensuring bathroom visits are kosher.

Plus there comes a point in a relationship where both parties consume an incredible amount of food and… ——->   You Need Poo-Pourri.

It works. 
My guests love that I have it at home.
You should have Poo-Pourri in all of your bathrooms.
Oh and they have a small size... perfect for office bathroom emergencies.

vacation packing list

Suitcase with Drawers // Rolling Weekender Bag (on sale under $120!) // Steamer // Silk Travel Sheet + Pillow Case // Silk Eye Mask // Watermelon Mask // Pill Box // Poo-Pourri

Summer travel should not be daunting. It should be fun regardless if you are traveling for work or an outdoor adventure experience. Also having the right travel essentials ensures your trips are always comfortable!















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