Welcome 2015! Resolution: Always Arrive Late to a Party.

Welcome 2015! Resolution: Always Arrive Late to a Party.

Well well well, what do we have here? Another New Year perhaps? My apologies for arriving late to the “welcome 2015” bandwagon, but I was busy, you know washing my hair and stuff. Truth is the New Year can happen any day and it so happens that my New Year is starting today. Fashionably late.

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What have I been up to in my most recent adventures? Christmas Day I hosted a Friendsmas party for my pals that stayed local. Everyone brought over a signature dish and a few of my party animal friends rolled in with massive hangovers from their parties the night before. My beautiful cousin got married on January 3rd and hosted the most spectacular wedding weekend in Puerto Rico -fully equipped with pals from across the globe and Flamenco dancers. Between that was work, travel, friends, and very little time for writing.

But this post means I’m back, and there is one thing I have been doing, and that’s looking around at our great City. Yesterday, we welcomed the opening of our Downtown Miami Whole Foods, which will change the landscape of the Brickell/Downtown area. And this change is just the beginning of what Miami will bring us in 2015.

WHole Foods

It can’t go without notice that 2014 was the epic year for change in our community. Uber and Lyft changed our transportation system by providing ride-share options to our urban areas.  And we welcomed Citi Bike with a giant launch party at Bayfront park – and my own munchkin puppy, Zoey, was the center of the show!

Local companies like Panther Coffee and Jugo Fresh expanded their businesses to change the way we drink our coffee and juice. We witnessed as high rises that were once a mere pile of foundation and scaffolding transform into luxurious high-rises. And all of these new buildings will open their doors to new families, which means we will eventually see a transformation in our business community. Brickell and Miami are growing at a rapid rate and you and I are going to be a part of the transformation! Kind of exciting right?!

Brickellista Files is also going through a transformation. This year I will be partnering with other bloggers, companies, and photographers to bring you a new experience! I’ve been reading your emails and listening to your ideas and I am thrilled to have such an engaged group of readers. When I started this blog last February I never imagined that I would have readers from Brazil, Kansas, or even Australia! Thank you for following my adventures in 2014 – and cheers to all of you for continuing the journey in 2015!

New Year Smooches,

Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres

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