Welcome Back TiramesU!

Welcome Back TiramesU!

A classic Lincoln Road favorite for the past 25 years, TiramesU reopened its doors in a sleek and sexy space South of Fifth. Longtime employee Valeria Longoni has taken over as the new owner and she has not only modernized the location, but also the menu and overall concept. When Brickellista invited me to sample the revamped menu, developed by Executive Chef Fabrizio Pintu, my answer was a resounding “duh!”

The menu features updated Italian classics from different regions of the country, in addition to several raw and cured antipasti options.

The cocktail menu also deserves a worthy nod, and I was particularly impressed with their version of an Old Fashioned.

Where to Start

You can’t go wrong with a cheese selection to start, and TiramesU provides five cheeses (all Italian, of course) to choose from. We were delighted to see Rosso Di Langa, a creamy sheep’s milk cheese, as a featured option.

This is not your grandmother’s Italian cooking — unless she prepares standout dishes such as scallop carpaccio, served with strawberries, almonds, and citrus, as well as bone marrow with caramelized onions on a toasted brioche. Chef Pintu serves a unique twist on a traditional Caprese salad, pairing burrata cheese with a tomato paste and balsamic reduction.

Pass the Gluten!

TiramesU’s pastas, all homemade in-house, steal the show. The castelmagno cheese risotto with pears and grapes is absolutely to die for. The fruit brings a delightful lightness to the risotto, which is uncommon in traditional rice dishes.


Another winner is the blue potato gnocchi with sundried tomatoes, capers, anchovies, olives, and a delicious arugula pesto. The creamy gnocchi provides an excellent tapestry for the blending of salty and briny flavors. Or, in Brickellista terms, “a total mouthgasm!”

The Main Event

The main courses include a variety of both meat and seafood options. TiramesU offers a unique presentation of Branzino (Mediterranean seabass), with saffron cauliflower and asparagus, as well as lamb chops with blue smashed potatoes and blueberry.


If we hadn’t gorged ourselves on cheesy appetizers and several pasta dishes, we would have had more room for entrées, before moving onto dessert.

Sweet Stuff

The restaurant’s namesake tiramisu is – as we expected it to be – outstanding. In true Brickellista and BighungryGabe form, we ordered three desserts – the panna cotta with honey, vanilla, and pistachio, the traditional tiramisu, and the tiramisu trio sampler.

Dessert left nothing to be desired, and I was particularly impressed with the cayenne pepper and dark chocolate tiramisu from the trio sampler, which had a delightfully spicy kick.
TiramesU is back with a bang, and I am looking forward to many future visits … and cheese platters.

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